In these unfortunate times, people all over the world have gotten accustomed to a new normal, a new reality. One where wearing a face mask is just like putting on clothes. It has become an involuntary action, which we all do, in hopes of a better tomorrow. While wearing a face mask is mandatory in many places around the world, let’s come together not only in support of the virus, but also for the environment we live in. 


The majority of the world still continues to use single-use, disposable face masks, without truly realising the damage it causes to the environment. Aside from the immense and astounding level of sea pollution, there has also been a significant shortage in the global supply of such masks. 


No one knows how long this pandemic will last, and if we continue to use plastic face masks at the rate we do, it could cause severe and detrimental harm to our planet. The increasing use of disposable PPE has led to a dangerous level of global waste produced, as the plastic used is not biodegradable, nor is it recyclable. Sadly, remnants of disposed of plastic masks end up in rivers and seas, endearing wildlife that gets caught in them, or even worse, that ingest them. 


To put things in perspective, these are just a few of the harms a plastic face mask causes: 

 Irritates the skin 

The primary element of the mask, polypropylene, is harsh to touch and irritates the skin. When wearing it for long hours at a time, the material rubs against skin, creating harsh rashes and damaging the skin. Not only this but the plastic against the skin under the sun, creates more sweat and an undesirable breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in more skin issues. 

 Global waste crisis

The expanding use of plastic masks and their inappropriate disposal has led to massive landfills accumulating with used masks. The UN has issued a warning that soon if disposable masks are consumed at the same rate, will result in uncontrollable dumping in landfills. As this waste piles on, it results in intoxicants and greenhouse gases produced, worsening the pollution levels in the air. 

 Water pollution 

A majority of the masks have ended up in our oceans, with hundreds of masks washing up on beaches every day. Aside from the detritus in the ocean beds, these plastics add to the injuries of sea creatures. Helpless animals get strapped amongst the plastic ear loops, while some also mistake plastic for food. This has adverse effects on the ecosystem, along with the disturbing and rising levels of water contamination. 

Instead, an alternative to the ruinous plastic face masks, are reusable ones. Despite the scepticism around this, health authorities across the globe have reassured and confirmed that reusable masks are just as capable and effective at stopping the spread of the virus. 


Wearing a reusable mask has many benefits, to both your skin and the environment. Here at  Crow, we create reusable masks, which are comfortable for office and daily wear, offering a 2-layer filtration system that helps block harmful dust particles & droplets from coming in contact. These masks are washable, including soft elastic ear loops for the perfect fit, while being lightweight and prevent cross-contamination. They are designed to absorb more moisture and droplets from coughs, sneezes, and normal day-to-day activities, preventing the spread of the infection. 

These are made using high-quality fabric, that is organic and safe to use for numerous reasons such as: 


Our organic cotton masks are made solely without the use of all harmful toxins and chemicals, resulting in a mask made out of fabric that feels soft against your skin, while also allowing it to breathe, unlike the oppressive and suffocative feeling of a plastic mask. They are made of 100% pure cotton, which is non-toxic and non-irritating, adding comfort and protection from Covid-19. These can be used for all sizes, whether it’s adults or children, designed with flexible ear loops to support the occipital region of the head and protect you from the virus. 


Instead of wearing it once and throwing it out into the hands of the environment, these masks are washable and reusable, contributing to the world sustainability goals and resulting in a more supportable and eco-friendly world. 

 Supporting small businesses and their craftsmen 

By supporting a small business, one is also supporting a small community. Instead of making the rich richer, and paying conglomerates, choosing to buy a reusable mask from a local or small business not only helps them during this struggling economic situation, but also encourages them. It gives hopes to artisans that weave and offer their craft , growing their art, acting as a token of appreciation for their skills and hard work. 

 Cost-effective in the long run

Perhaps a plastic mask is cheaper when buying, but this will eventually add up to a lump sum when one has to purchase masks till the end of this unpredictable time continually. Instead, a reusable face mask can be washed and used a myriad of times, saving money when you choose quality over quantity. 


Let’s come together as a community, and learn to care for both, our people and our environment simultaneously. We are codependent on the environment and need to respect it, in order to live together harmoniously. One thing that we can all agree that the pandemic has taught us is to rebuild and redevelop our communities based on one common point - humanity, and emerge out of this moment stronger and wiser. 


At crow, we look forward to the hope of altruism and the sense of community that we can create by protecting people and the planet. 


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