World of Crow is a fashion label founded by Shaila Born in 1989 in the city of diamonds, Surat, Gujarat, India, Shaila Khubchandani launched Crow in 2011. In 2022, Lavina Khubchandani her younger sister joined the company as the Art Director and Partner, bringing her creative expertise to the brand.

Shaila Khubchandani's design philosophy revolves around the art of easy dressing. Her label, Crow, embraces sophistication, grace, and simplicity in fashion. With a minimalist approach, Shaila carefully designs silhouettes with essential details and a thoughtful selection of colors. Her aim is to uplift personalities while ensuring comfort and ease in everyday movement.

Lavina Khubchandani, with a background in film and writing, adds a unique perspective to World of Crow as the Art Director and Partner. Her love for directing and writing content is reflected in the brand's creative and meaningful narrative.

Shaila's love for travel and nature photography has deeply influenced her design choices. She is captivated by the discreet colors and textures found in nature, which have led her to appreciate and incorporate handwoven Indian textiles. Working closely with skilled craftsmen across different regions of India, Shaila creates a contemporary style that embraces the raw beauty of traditional textiles.

Sustainability is a core value for both Shaila and Lavina. Shaila ensures that her collection uses organic cotton, protecting the environment and supporting the livelihood of farmers. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in every step of the collection-making process, fostering warmth and honoring exquisite craftsmanship while minimizing the environmental impact.