Bulk/Wholesale Orders

We at Crow are proud to have diversified clientele from all around the world. From the far east coasts of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong to European countries like Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy Spain, Germany, the U.K, all the far west to the US and Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait. Many of our clients are now very humbled to call our friends to visit us every season for buying our handwoven collection for their concept stores and boutiques. 

We at crow design minimal sustainable clothing. We believe in a simple, honest approach to silhouettes giving utmost importance to the comfort of the wearer, offering a classic collection that celebrates easy dressing. We design our clothes with meticulous attention to detail. Every dress is made with impeccable quality, using our finest handwoven textiles, designed in harmony with nature. One of the fundamental values for us at Crow is to create a timeless collection. We attempt to engage in mindful manufacturing across different processes. 

We are a team of 25, our production is done in our studio in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and having subsidiary office in the NJ, U.S.A

We take pleasure in designing our textiles. All our fabrics are Handwoven in different parts of India. We try to work with fair-trade, cooperatives and NGOs for our weaving, printing and dyeing as much as possible. 


  • All our garments are carefully stitched by our bespoke team of "Karigars" who are trained to give the best fit keeping in mind the ergonomics of the body, These garments are stitched with the utmost care, later they are hand finished by our team of women. All the garments go through stringent inspection procedures.
  • Each sample is photographed in different parts of the world on different body types to show the versatility of our dresses.

What qualifies as a bulk/wholesale order?

If the order quantity is 30 or more than 30 pieces, it is considered as a bulk order. 


Ordering In Bulk


How do I get a price quote?

Please write to us at business@worldofcrow.com to know more information about the pricing and minimum quantities.

  • Designs you are interested in or URL from the website. 
  • Colour-ways, fabric type, the quantity you would like to order.
  • Shipping address for the delivery.
  • Expected date when you would like the delivery to be. 
  • Plan to re-order in the future. 
  • Your store/website address.

Once we receive all the information, we will respond to your email at the earliest.

How do you process the orders?

We custom make all the orders, once the order has been confirmed, if you wish to change the measurements, we will be able to custom build the order, you can also select a different fabric from our fabric directory as per your clientele. 


How do I place an order?

Once you have confirmed your bulk order, we will send you a proforma invoice for the advance payment; Once we have received an advance payment, we will start working on your order. 


How long does it take to process the order? 

Depending on the quantity, our executive will share the lead time to process the order. 

Once the order is ready to be shipped, we will ask for the pending payment and ship your order. 


Who is our shipping partners?

We ship worldwide through FedEx Couriers. 

In order to facilitate a smooth and easy transaction for all our European and American clientele, we have connections with our agents who facilitate the entire process from start to finish. All the certifications (certifications of origin, CEPA, etc.) required are also provided from our end at the time of delivery of the order.

We provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process with prompt and timely communication. 


General Questions


How long does it take to manufacture the bulk/wholesale order?

Depending on the quantity, it generally takes one to two months.  


Do you accept domestic bulk orders?

Yes, we do accept domestic bulk orders. 


Do you accept international bulk orders?

Yes, we do accept international bulk orders. 


Do you send dress samples?

We will be happy to send samples at a cost. 


Do you send fabric samples?

We will be happy to send samples at a cost. 


Can I visit your studio and make a selection?

We will be happy to have you at our studio. 


Can you make the order, according to our required measurements?

We will be happy to customise your order. 


Do you offer embroidery or any other customisation services on your dresses?

We do customise on request, write to us at business@worldofcrow.com.


Can I bulk order dresses that are out of stock?

We can reproduce the designs which are out of stock, write to us at business@worldofcrow.com.


Can I return my bulk order?

Regretfully, we do not accept returns/exchange. 


Shipping / Delivery


Which courier service do you use to send bulk/wholesale orders, how many days does it take for the delivery? 

We use FedEx courier service to ship all our bulk orders. Once your order is ready for the dispatch, it approximately takes a weeks time for the delivery. 

In case you need the order urgently, we can send it by priority shipment for an additional cost. 


Can I use my courier account for bulk orders?

Yes, you can certainly use your account for the delivery of your order. 


Can I pick up my bulk/wholesale order from your studio in Ahmedabad, India?

Yes, you can collect your bulk/wholesale order, from our studio, should you wish to receive your order, please make a prior appointment at business@worldofcrow.com.




Do you offer discounts? What is the percentage of the discount?

We offer a discount on all our bulk orders, discounts are greatly depending on the no of pieces you wish to order, once you share all the information with us, we will be able to decide an appropriate discount that we can offer, for more details write us at business@worldocrow.com. 


How can I pay for my order?

We only accept bank transfers for all the bulk orders. 


Are there any transaction fees while making the payment?

We do not charge any bank/payment fees for bulk orders. 


Do you charge GST/sales tax on bulk orders?

We charge GST for all the domestic orders; we do not charge GST for international orders. 

For more details regarding wholesale price, timeline.

Email us at: business@worldofcrow.com.