Design Development

Fashion Designing

Our forte is to create a unique collection as per the vision and philosophy of the client. 

  • We are determined to provide collaborative solutions while studying the demographics and market trends. 
  • Development of artwork/ mood board.
  • Engage in surface development and detailed study. 
  • Selection of the fabrics for the development of garments. Insights pertaining to size, silhouettes, and the color preference of the customers will be kept in mind for the development of the designs.

Textile Designing

We take pride in designing bespoke designs catering to your needs. Our team of designers works with the art of handweaving in India. Our fabrics can be used to make clothing and home linen, such as pillow covers or bed sheets. Creating designs that are made to last forever. 

We work with different textiles practiced in India, like Jamdani, organic cotton, maheshwari silks, linen. 

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