Cutting and sewing

Manufacturing and Production Services 

Our aim has always been to meet the client’s vision and help them bring it to life. 

Our production is a trusted and reliable process that promises high-quality results. With a smooth communication link between our studio, factory and suppliers, we engage in regular quality controls through our merchandising and inspection teams that ensure our work is excellent. 

Dedicated Production Manager

We love attention to detail. We want to give our clients utmost attention, with a personal production manager. Our production manager will be in touch with clients throughout the entire manufacturing process, keeping them updated and informed about their vision coming to life. Professionalism at its best, we respect deadlines and schedules and stick to the timeline discussed, ensuring we deliver high-quality fashion on time. 

You Ask, We Deliver

No matter the size of your, we offer a complete production and manufacturing service. Whether you’re a brand located next to our studio or on the other side of the world - we would love to help you. 

Get a Complete Service 

We’re proud to offer you a variety of services to help you create something you love. From production planning and scheduling, quoting, advice and sourcing of fabrics and accessories, pattern making, sampling, digitizing, grading, marker making and cutting, manufacturing, quality control, fitting service, labeling, to packing and logistics - we’ve got you covered! Our team has tremendous experience in the fashion production industry that helps us give key insights on brand creation and development to make sure your inkling of creativity shines in full potential. 


We highly recommend sampling. It helps bring to light errors or risks within production, saving valuable money in the long run. 

Prototype Sampling

To see a tangible representation of your vision is a truly exciting process. You get to see a finished garment look and also have the freedom to have revisions and changes at this stage. If you’d like to create a prototype sample, send us a sample or a technical file and let us work our magic. 

Sales samples

Give your buyers a taste of your product without the hassle of a costly inventory, through sales samples. It gives the customer a detailed example of all your product ranges. 

Pre-Production Samples

Pre-production samples help in understanding the exact make of the garments, from sizes and styles, including trims, fabrics, and embellishments. We will be happy to help and navigate you through this confusing process and break it down for you. This step gives our clients a chance to verify the size and grading before we swing into full production. To be 100% transparent with our work, we allow our clients to come and visit our factory. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a request. 

Pattern making

Probably one of the most important steps in garment creation, pattern making is a skill and talent that our team is gifted with. During these virtual times, we can digitize this but can also create typical paper patterns to see your ideas come to life. 


It’s immensely important to get the specifications right for your target customer. The cost is based on the number of pattern pieces in the style. We strive to deliver a garment that fits perfectly, just as you want it to. 

Sourcing Service 

With India’s rich heritage in textiles and art, we love to showcase our treasures. We work with skilled and talented artisans all across India. Our sourcing service helps you in this journey of finding suppliers, products, fabrics and much more, to create a truly sustainable and ethical clothing line. 

We understand that different countries have different guidelines and we are more than willing to establish reports that compare and analyze different opportunities and processes of countries. From international quotations, custom clearances to logistics, we know what it takes to run a successful international brand and would be happy to share our knowledge of the years.