Bespoke Customisation

Our Aim

Since our beginning in 2011, our intent has been to embrace and celebrate the tenets of the bespoke process.  We understand your needs and take pride in customising an ensemble as per your requirement, made just to fit you snug. 

We thrive by carefully creating exceptional garments that reflect the highest standards of the artisanal tradition of India. 

The conscientious craftsmanship of our artisans and sewers uplift the whole experience of enjoying custom-tailoring. Our artisans, all of whom are local to India, represent the sophistication and expectation of excellence that defines our clientele.

Bespoke - ‘The customer is our foundation.’

Crow Bespoke represents the highest level of custom tailoring in women’s clothing. It is uniquely informed by the time-honoured traditions of sartorial craftsmanship.

Custom Tailoring - No Block Patterns. We cater to individual patterns for every client.

Each Crow Bespoke garment features a different style. From the uniqueness of the customer’s taste to the fit, Crow Bespoke offers exclusive, one of a kind garments to cater to every need. 

To fit the needs of our customers, our Bespoke service affords clients an exceptional level of expert guidance regarding the specific shape, silhouette, and structure of the tailored garment.  Every piece is crafted to best incorporate their individual needs and preferences. We keep in mind their vision, with respect to making a garment that fits into their lifestyle, complementing and accentuating our client. 

We believe the best way to achieve this, is to start with a conversation.


  • Once we understand the expectations of our client, we provide them with a large variety of fabrics to choose from, while also providing our advice.

  • We then begin the meticulous measurement process that will create an individual paper pattern.

  • We offer our best guidance based on the design, with specifics on which proportions, a combination of colours and some other details which will all come together to create the most flattering outcome.

  • Read how to take your own measurements

The magic is in the making; each garment is informed by the best fit. Every dress is stitched by our skilled makers and later devotedly hand-stitched to enhance the finishing. 


We are also pleased to offer an exclusive ‘BENCH-MADE’ service for those enthusiasts interested in savouring the traditional experience of a one-on-one bespoke practice.  In the process of the highest expression of the tailor’s art, our master maker constructs the entire garment, from the first cut through finish, in its entirety, wholly by his own hand. This is the ultimate hand-woven experience, here with us at Crow. 

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