Fashion Consultancy


Starting your own fashion label can be invigorating, exciting, and challenging at the same time. We speak from experience.

Legame is a Fashion Business Consultancy for those budding fashion designers across the globe, who wish to set up their own fashion label from scratch. We provide fashion business consultancy to brands, labels and designers in the UK, USA, Hongkong, Australia, and India.

At Legame, we provide you with holistic fashion business consultancy from ideation to production to market-readiness.

Our accomplished team of fashion designers, brand strategists, and expert associates provides you consultancy and setup assistance in three ways —

  •       The Whole Package: Come to us with just an idea and we’ll help you with everything, from scratch.
  •       The Specific Services Package: Go through our services and select the most relevant ones.
  •       Consultancy For An Existing Fashion Label: Bring your existing fashion label or fashion business to us, and we’ll help you identify issues, fill gaps, and refresh it.


The Process

Preliminary Consultation: This is where our process starts. We interact with you, get to know your ideas, philosophies, design approach, likes, and dislikes. At this stage, we get to understand your vision and goals.

Approach Planning: We decide on the best approach to help you reach your goals effectively while also remaining aligned with your broader vision.

1. Design and Branding: We help you establish your brand’s vision and mission in alignment with your personal vision. The aim is to bring cohesiveness to each aspect of the brand by aligning the visuals, communications, and customer experience.

  •       We assist you with putting in place your brand’s ethos
  •       We help you determine your brand’s target audience
  •       We collectively define your brand identity and discover your design language

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2. Design Development: In this crucial step, we study relevant demographics and current market trends with respect to those demographics.

  •       We help you develop artwork, and facilitate the creation of mood boards.
  •       We undertake detailed study and engage in surface development.
  •       We assist with fabric selection and provide insights pertaining to sizes, silhouettes, and colour preferences of the target customer.
  •       We even have all the necessary capabilities to facilitate handwoven textile development from scratch, in collaboration with the weavers of rural India.

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3. Cutting and Sewing: While some fashion designers have the wherewithal to manage the cutting and sewing process on their own, most budding fashion designers require lots of help with this process.

This process includes

  •       Pattern cutting
  •       Sample making
  •       Muslin sample presentation and revision
  •       Material sourcing
  •       Production of the collection
  •       Packaging

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4. Art Direction and Styling: Art direction and styling enable you to communicate your brand story to your customers.

  •       Keeping your brand’s desired aesthetics in mind, we create a unique mood board as a visual representation of your fashion collection.
  •       We assist you with look book shoots, editorial shoots, and website shoots.
  • This process involves selecting and bringing together photographers, models, stylists, and makeup artists to suit your budget and requirements.

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5. Fashion Business Management: Once everything else is done and the stage is set, we guide you with the essentials of running and managing a fashion business.

  •       Finding and working with suppliers, and negotiating.
  •       Production management and season planning
  •       Pricing, sales planning, and sales growth
  •       Marketing and social media activation
  •       Forming return policies, refund policies, and shipping policies
  •       Maintaining sustainability

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