Design and branding

When you’re looking to create your own fashion label, the first step in the process of starting up a new business is to define the brand elements and brand associations to create relevant recognition and recall within the target market.

In the business of fashion, there are several things apart from the actual products or garments that contribute to the creation of brand associations — how the brand communicates, the ethos of the brand and the founder, the vision behind creating the fashion label, and what the designer wishes to express through their design, all come together to build a cohesive brand.

At LEGAME Fashion Business Consultancy, this is the first step we take with you.

Building a Brand Strategy for a Fashion Label: 

Our design and branding experts get to know the real you through meaningful conversations and design dialogues.

We understand your personal vision, goals, and design philosophy.

The Golden Circle:

We define the what, why, and how of your fashion brand using the Golden Circle framework.

  • What – the fashion products and related services you offer to your customers
  • How – the things that differentiate your fashion label from the competition
  • Why – the reason you are passionate and why your brand exists

This is where we outline the key qualities and benefits your brand offers.
We define who you are, what you offer, and why people should care.

We help you identify a target market for your fashion label. This is followed by conducting in-depth competitor research to give you insights into what the market is already saturated with, what exists in the market but can be elevated, and where there are gaps that need to be filled.

We make your fashion brand easy to discover, and we construct a compelling brand message and brand story to communicate to your target market.

Creating a Brand Identity for a Fashion Label: 

We look into your likes and dislikes, and what you would like to convey to the world through your design.

  • We help you define a brand identity by getting to know more about the fabrics, textures, colours, and themes you prefer to work with.
  • We create your logo, define colour palettes and font sets, and design printed material and packaging in a cohesive manner, in keeping with your personal taste and philosophy, so that every brand element conveys the same story.
  • We curate your social media pages with thoughtful layouts and themes, ensuring that every communication is always on-brand.
  • We facilitate the creation of original content to publish consistently; this in turn makes it easier to gain greater engagement from relevant people. Over time we build a community of like-minded individuals who will eventually become loyal customers.

Defining a Brand Voice for a Fashion Label: 

The branding experts at Legame Fashion Business Consultancy help you set a brand narrative by infusing the right personality and relevant emotions into your communications. 

  • Your brand voice is defined not just by products, creatives, and images, but also by the words and sentences used in communications.
  • Among other things, we facilitate the process of thinking about the tone of your social media captions, website copy, product descriptions, and blogs.
  • What emotions should your content elicit among the audience? What should your brand make the audience feel? This is your brand voice.

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