Code of Conduct

Here at Crow, we take great pride in working responsibly and ethically with all our suppliers, whether it is an individual artisan or a reputed foundation. We ensure that every supplier we work with follows and agrees with the social code expected at Crow. 

This Code of Vendor Conduct applies to all cooperatives, charitable trusts and NGOs that produce goods for Crow.
Crow recognises that depending on various circumstances, there are different legal and cultural environments in which cooperatives operate throughout the world. Regarding any organisations that wish to partner with Crow, this code is provided, setting forth the necessary requirements in order to do business with Crow. 
In the hopes of being transparent and efficiently communicating our expectations with our suppliers, staff or any other third parties, we have set up a Code of Conduct. 

  • This is non-negotiable, requiring every supplier in partnership with Crow to adhere to it with no exceptions or reservations strictly. 
  • It consists of our most basic expectations and requirements and is updated based on self-evaluation and regular research that allows constructive changes, ensuring proper functionality. 
  • The code is specifically composed in a manner that comprises concerns regarding ethical practices. 
However, a conscious effort from Crow consists of working only with reputable and trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers in order to guarantee the best quality of our produce. Not only this, but customers of Crow are assured that their goods are produced under fair conditions.  
We operate in lawfully acceptable conditions. We only deal with fair and honest trade, without the exploitation of vulnerable population groups like the artisans, while providing prudent working conditions and also keeping in mind and minimising our effects on the environment.
  • The provisions of the social code constitute minimum and not maximum standards, and the social code must not be used to prevent companies from exceeding these standards.
  • Companies applying the social codes are expected to comply with national and other applicable law and where the provisions of law and the social code address the same subject, to apply that provision which affords the more excellent protection.
  • Where there is no national law suppliers must refer to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions.

Eco-Friendly Practices

  • All waste that is produced should be appropriately managed by the local laws in place. 

  • A conscious effort must be carried out to ensure that waste disposal avoids tarnishing the environment and does not inconvenience the local population. 

  • At Crow we try to recycle any waste produced, and this is similarly expected of our suppliers and is encouraged daily to make conscious attempts in making recycling a part of their waste disposal routine.

  • Suppliers should also try to minimise their energy consumption and achieve efficiency. 

Ethical Hiring

We refer to the guidelines:

  • We do not allow or hire any child under the age of 15 to be employed in factories producing materials for Crow. 

  • Depending on the state laws, if the law states a higher minimum age, then the law must be followed, and underage workers are never hired. 

  • Young workers that are below the age of 18 are only allowed to carry out light work in factories, following all laws requiring the specific treatment of young workers. 

Crow has a stringent policy regarding child labour. In no circumstance is child labour acceptable, and we will not work with suppliers that use or promote the use of child labour in any of their facilities. 

Fair Employment

Suppliers must not use or promote the use of any illegal workers, or any forced, involuntary prison labour.

No worker should need to provide sums of money or ‘deposits’ to their employers and should be given a free choice to leave and terminate their contract after an agreed-upon notice period. 

We strictly do not condone any physical abuse or discipline. No worker should give, or get the threat of physical violence, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation, which is rigorously prohibited. 

Crow is strictly against any form of inequity and bigotry. We ask of everyone to be treated equally regardless of race, caste, religion, sex, age, disabilities or sexual orientations; in situations of employment, training, termination or retirement as well.  

Workers have the free choice and right to join or form trade unions on their own and demand for their needs respectfully. 

Crow adopts a prudent attitude towards the formation and activities of trade unions.

Workers should be granted permission to leave the factory, given acceptable and legitimate circumstances. 

All workers regardless should have free access to water, toilets, and religious facilities while at work.

When using any small workshop subcontractors, temporary workers, or homeworkers, the supplier must inform Crow. 

All new or temporary hiring should be carried out according to legal requirements, which should also carry out during the employment contract, where the supplier is required to overlook that any third party agent providing employees is complying with this social code and all relevant laws.

We ask for and encourage all suppliers to produce their regulations in regards to ethical production, fair employment and environmental liability. They should put in appropriate systems that allow these regulations to be implemented and carried out successfully, while also being keenly observed.  

Eco-Friendly/Ethical Working Conditions  

  • All workers must get to work in a safe and hygienic working environment, with adequate sanitation facilities. 

  • Workers should be carefully educated on industry knowledge regarding specific machines and their hazards.  

  • Safety guidelines and precautions should be in place to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Ethics And Integrity 

  • Suppliers are recommended to administer anonymous ways for feedback by workers, where they can report complaints or suggestions.  

  • Suppliers should be respectful and mindful of the ethical guidelines required, implementing them diligently towards other workers and Crow employees. 

  • Suppliers should work to eradicate corruption by strictly forbidding acts of extortion and bribery.

Supervision And Observation

The Principle of Trust and Cooperation:

  • Crow trusts all its suppliers to respect the above social code and to do their best to adhere to our expectations actively. 

  • We have confidence in our staff to take much responsibility in their work by being proactive and responsible, and we expect from our suppliers that they do the same. 

  • We believe in active co-operation and teamwork, and this makes us inspired to work with our suppliers with a consensus regarding various decisions. 

  • At Crow, we recognise globalisation and its effects, considering cultural and other factors that vary across the world. However, we will not compromise on basic requirements regarding safety and human rights for our workers, suppliers or staff. 


  • We require complete transparency in business. We ask that all our suppliers religiously keep Crow informed about where each order is being produced. Crow reserves the right to let any independent third party of our choice make inspections, to ensure that the supplier is consistent in following our code of conduct. 

Non- Compliance

  • In the off chance that we come across a supplier who fails to comply with our code even after repeated warning, we will terminate our relationship with the supplier immediately.


Modern Slavery

At Crow, we are extremely cautious and require all our suppliers to be constantly vigilant about the practise and the risks of forced, bonded and trafficked labour in their own business or in any of their business chains. 

We expect suppliers to have complete knowledge about their labour force, with a high level of awareness about situations in which acts of slavery arise, especially involving foreign contact workers and migrant labour populations as these labour groups are particularly more vulnerable. A few guidelines are provided to the suppliers, like (i) forbidding the act of withholding identification such as national cards and passports,  (ii) forbidding the application of recruitment fees and (iii), allowing labour their free choice of leaving employment or repatriating at their convenience, guaranteed an acceptable notice period. 

To ensure that these guidelines are followed verbatim, Crow checks in with factory visits. Our team is vigilantly on the lookout for signs of modern slavery and are instructed to report any such cases or concerns immediately.