Fair-Trade Policy


Our team at Crow shares a good bond altogether, and we have established a robust and loyal community by our consistent collaborations with the same set of dedicated artisans from all over India for over nine years. We will continue to work with them.  

We mostly work with fair trade co-operatives and smaller workshops on artisanal crafts such as block printing, embroidery and hand weaving to make our collection. The intent is to acknowledge their skills & talent while also sustaining their art. We realise that these artisans are often in an unfortunate category regarding their income and employment, given their education and remote rural locations in which they are based. 

At Crow, we foresee that our suppliers are transparent regarding artisan working hours and subsequently, the costing time frames. We have made social code to regulate the terms and conditions, assuring that they are compliant and updated. Not only this, but we also ask that the T&Cs is explicitly communicated to the artisans, preventing any flounders. 

Our makers

At Crow, we explore hidden corners across India for artists with expertise in their field. We always give equal emphasis on fair & ethical standards regarding their working practices. With robust, honest & ethical guidelines followed, we are fortunate in developing and keeping our tenacity intact with the majority of our clients.

Our Constant Supervision 

Every step in creating Crow garments is overlooked with dedicated supervision. For many years, we visit our suppliers regularly with routine checks and habitually work through any problems collaboratively. This is carried out by coming together, discussing strategically and developing an action plan. We strive to provide our devoted and zealous support to our artisans and suppliers in every step of the process.  

We are continually trying to better the working environment for our artisans and eradicate important issues within communities which develop due to lack of resources and funding, all the while raising awareness about such concerns. However, if we find suppliers who are unwilling to adapt to our guidelines regarding our Fair-trade policy, we deem it best to end our professional relationship with the supplier for the sake of our artisans and our customers. 

How We Minimise Waste And Make Our Production Processes Sustainable 

To avoid a primary, excess produce, we predict our purchases every season and concentrate on strategies that maximise our sale, which also increases our efficiency. While this is not possible every time and when we do have some leftover stock, we either reuse the fabric or donate those garments to charities by converting it into pillows for less fortunate children.

Our Methods To Control Carbon Footprint

Crow garments are made using organic cotton. Organic cotton farming is one that has taken off significantly recently due to its sustainable nature. No toxins are used in this type of agriculture, leading to no damage to the soil and air, while requiring less than half of the water and energy used in conventional cotton farming. The sustainability of organic cotton farming has a considerable effect in the long term regarding health, environment and other social factors. 

About Our Packaging 

Our packaging for online orders are made from 100% cotton and is completely biodegradable. It also serves a more extended lifetime by doubling up as storage for shoes. 

Our Approach To Animal Welfare

At Crow, we sustain a preference for natural textiles such as cotton, wool and linen in our collections. Still, we also place an equal measure on sustainability and good animal welfare practices.

We weigh and examine our sources of animal-based raw materials thoughtfully. We source fibre solely from producers who support the standards of humane and responsible animal husbandry and sustainability.

Our sourcing team consistently sources raw materials with due diligence to ensure that the appropriate and necessary animal welfare practice is followed.

Crow refuses to accept or practise all measures regarding any cruelty or mistreatment of animals that takes place for our benefit. While we acknowledge that some incidents reported in the press are shocking and unacceptable, Crow has not and will not support any associations or individuals who are found to be in contravention of our principles. Here at Crow, we value and take great pride in the long-lasting and committed partnerships we have established through the years, with our suppliers and artisans. We are continually working on achieving excellent visibility in our processes, that is, having transparent steps of production which are in line with our ethical standards.  

We believe in making every crow dress ethically, sustainably and mindfully, in regard and respect to the environment and the community.