Organic clothing has gained popularity over the years, renowned for its sustainable way of production. An excellent example of organic clothing is that which is made using organic cotton. By following sustainable farming methods, organic cotton is grown purely without any biochemical modifications and chemicals like pesticides. 

Not only this, but organic cotton is praised for using much less water, reducing pollution and conserving our natural resources. This is a positive externality for not only the environment but also the consumers of organic cotton who benefit from toxin-free clothing and the producers who enjoy working in a field free of harmful chemicals. 

At Crow, we offer the best organic cotton clothing, grown and produced ethically and sustainably, creating a harmonious environment for you and our team. To care for our organic clothing, here is a simple guideline on washing instructions. 

Note: 100% Organic cotton may shrink with washing since it has not been chemically treated. 

  • For the first wash, we recommend using cold water or moderating the water temperature at a maximum of 30℃, or 86℉. 
  • Choose to use a mild detergent free of too many chemicals in order to keep the quality the same. 
  • Turn your clothes inside out before washing, to keep them looking newer for longer. This will prevent any fading. 
  • Pair your clothes in similar colours for a wash, avoid mixing darker clothes with lighter ones to prevent staining. 
  • While damp, reshape clothing to retain shape.
  • We recommend letting clothes air dry or tumble dry in a low heat environment to prevent damage.  

Being a slow-fashion promoter, Crow urges you to be mindful of the resources you use when washing.