Fashion Design Institutes We Recommend

While having a creative inclination within oneself is largely important in becoming a designer, attending an institute will help build critical skills in terms of responsibilities, visualisation abilities and a sharp business sense as well. To be a successful designer, aside from merely being excellent in the field, it is also essential to learn to take criticism. No matter the talent, attending an institute will put one on the path of self-reflection by learning from the competition around. These fashion institutes teach one how to use their creativity in a productive way, in order to make the best of the talent at hand

Here are some fashion and design institutes we recommend:  

  • Central Saint Martins, London 
  • A world-renowned arts and design college, Central Saint Martins uplifts visual art and design, including performance art as well. They teach their students how to use their creativity in the real-world, teaching them application-based work. Sensitising their students to global challenges, their assignments deal majorly with how design can be used to bring forth a change. 

    Established for more than a century, Saint Martins have a whole lot of experience in their ways of work. However, they keep up with their times, updating and improving their 

    Situated in the heart of London at King’s Cross, the campus is continually buzzing with animation and movement. 

    Some of their famous alumni include the award-winning actress Emilia Clarke, Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane, former Givenchy designer Alexander Mcqueen and many others. This reputed institute not only has a great employability rate, but the quality of teaching and campus facilities are rated among the best as well. 

  • Pratt, New York City 
  • Founded in 1887, it aimed to be accessible to the working class through its affordable tuition fees. It revolutionised the 19th century by being one of the first colleges to practise education without any prejudice and discrimination accepting students from every race and culture. This translated into an institute today that is openly inclusive of all, giving excellent teaching in the field of design and engineering, both. 

    Pratt gives a broad spectrum of training, resulting in their students becoming architects, engineers, fashion designers and more. Standing tall in one of the top-ranked global schools, it has a massive faculty of over 1,100 artists. Focused on eradicating the bias and bigotry of today’s world, Pratt continues to teach in an approach that is all-embracing. 

    In an extensive campus of 25 acres in the centre of Brooklyn, Manhattan, students enjoy an active life in New York’s bustling environment. 

    Keith Michael, Jeremy Scott and Paul Rand are just a few of the accomplished and exemplary designers that graduated from Pratt. With the cute campus cats and the challenging yet informative courses, one is bound to relish their time at Pratt Institute. 

  • Parsons, The New School for Design 
  • Circling around the theme of transformative design, Parsons has been teaching and providing insight into the field of fashion and design for over a century now. Among the top three globally and #1 in the US, Parsons is the top choice for any aspiring fashion student. It offers on-campus research facilities while also allowing students to experience the world through partnerships with various other institutes abroad. Blending in the values of social engagement through the design and prioritising cultural learning, Parsons education is an all-rounded approach towards globalisation. 

    Structured in the format of 5 different schools according to the field of interest, students can choose to learn fashion design, art history, media and technology and more. However, understanding the need to amalgam the arts together, it also offers a flexible learning course to those who would like to broaden their horizons.

    It also offers teen and youth programs for those who are interested yet unsure. This way, students get a taste about life at Parsons. The student life is bubbling with social activism through art, in NYC’s creative hub with various clubs and groups to be a part of. Their famous alumni include the best of the best, from Donna Karan to Marc Jacobs, Parsons gives their students a fantastic start and boost into the world of fashion and design.