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Italy is known for its extravagant art, architecture, food and captivating landscapes. Undoubtedly, with so much to offer, Italy is a hotspot for sightseeing, with thousands of tourists every day, soaking up the sun and the rich culture. From historic interests like the museums and churches in Rome to cultural attractions such as the pastel-coloured villages along the Amalfi Coast, Italy has won the heart of the world with all that it has to offer. 

Italy during summer presents dry and hot weather, which sometimes is contrasted by cool breeze towards the evening across its southern coast. When visiting Italy during Summer, the wise choice would be to carry light cotton dresses that allow the skin to breathe during unbearable heat. To dress up a light airy dress, we recommend choosing accessories like hats or scarves to complement the look. Not only this but choose light coloured clothing, essentially pastels and other muted colours to avoid absorbing heat, allowing a comfortable journey even with the sun shining bright. 


The Italian Alps are a standout, with the highest mountain range across Europe. Here, we recommend packing layers of light clothes that can be worn or removed upon convenience, since the weather would naturally be lower compared to the cities and down south. A piece of great fabric for this is Merino Wool - which is light yet traps heat, creating a cosy, warm, insulated feeling. 

We advise checking the forecast before planning the trip, some areas of the Alps expect rains occasionally. Thus, make sure to pack raincoats or water-proof boots to avoid the damp, uncomfortable feeling. 

The Beaches 

While the beautiful shoreline of Italy is complemented with cool breeze towards the evening, mornings and afternoons can get sultry easily. Wearing maxi dresses with light fabrics such as cotton allow a free-flowing silhouette which is the best for such humid conditions. Having a pair of eccentric sunglasses, along with a hat to spice up the look and combat the heat help as well

City sightseeing 

As for what to wear in the City, we recommend planning according to the weather in the specific city. Generally, fabrics like cotton would suit a whole busy day packed with sightseeing, being a comfortable and soft fabric. Packing various garments like dresses, shirts or even shorts made out of cotton would help in feeling pleasant throughout the day, maintaining comfort levels between a myriad of activities. 

However, it is advised to pack extra scarves, jackets or other cover-ups for legs and shoulders in case of Church visits. These are a requirement to enter. 

Although Summer in Italy is tropical, it can be easily dealt with just by packing wisely. By wearing free-flowing cotton dresses to keep fresh, or using Merino Wool to regulate warmth, Italy is a delight to discover.