Shaila Khubchandani, born in 1989 in Surat, Gujarat, India, graduated from Institute Callegari. She launched Crow in 2011.

She celebrates the art of easy dressing through her label Crow, dressing that elevates sophistication, grace and simplicity. For her, simplicity is the best way to re-design fashion. Her approach towards design is minimalist, silhouettes that are designed thoughtfully with the essential detail and careful selection of colours which is made to uplift the personality while keeping the wearer at ease with everyday movement. She loves travelling and photography.

Discreet colours and textures of nature have endeared her to handwoven Indian textiles. She works with exotic textiles practised in different regions of India. The astonishing traditional textiles and her interactions with the craftsmen help her in creating her contemporary style of fabrics, which she translates into designing the timeless collection—the use of beautiful handwoven cotton textiles foster warmth at all times.

A perfect balance between ease, style and fashion, honouring the comfort of the wearer while embracing the rawness of exquisite craftsmanship. She believes in creating fashion and luxury in line with sustainability, ensuring the use of organic cotton in her collection, which is beneficial to both the environment and the livelihood of farmers. Harbouring the community and the natural resources, has been one of her core values that run through every process of making the collection.