Australia is both the enchanted continent and island of the world. Being home to native species like Kangaroos on Kangaroo island to eye-catching rock formations, Australia is abode to nature’s wonders. Australia also offers significant urbanisation, with conspicuous coastal cities like Adelaide to opulent riverside parks in Perth. 

Unlike the rest of the world, Summer visits Australia from the months of December to February, with sunny days and sultry nights. To combat the heat, Australians love taking a trip to their beaches, where the weather cools down with a light breeze. 

When paying a visit to Australia during the summer, we recommend planning outfits that are mostly relaxed fits, given the apparent aversion to snug clothing that would get messy, when breaking a sweat. 

Relaxed Fit:

The relaxed fit is clothing that is loose, but not baggy. These kinds of outfits are created with ample body movement in mind and are the perfect fit for a heap of travelling and sightseeing. 

  • An A-line dress - ‘A-line’ refers to the type of tailoring where the cloth is fitted at the shoulders and then tapers out, widening at the hem. Suitable for any body type, A-line dresses are flowy, with considerable comfort. 

To take comfort up a notch, we also advise wearing clothing of specific fabrics like organic cotton. Cultivated sustainably, organic cotton will lower chances of rashes and irritation during the heat, while the fabric against your skin feels airy and breathable when wearing an ethical fashion dress. A side favour is the forward step towards sustainability through organic farming methods, by wearing sustainable summer clothing. 

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  • A Tunic dress - A tunic usually is a piece of clothing that is longer than a woman’s shirt but shorter than an actual dress. Tunics are great to be paired up and styled with innovative bottoms like jeans or leggings, or even breezy pants. Tunics can also be dressed up with statement jewellery, a striking belt or other accessories like shoes, to brighten up the outfit. 

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  • Relaxed fit Shirts and Crop Tops - Loose fitting shirts, with breezy sleeves for plenty of air and body movement, serve as a great outfit choice. When choosing such shirts, we recommend opting in for summer compatible fabrics like organic cotton and linens, which are both super-breathable. With loosely woven fabrics like these, heat is allowed to leave without being trapped, serving as the best lightweight fabrics. Shirts are also easy to spruce up, with patterns like checkered, striped and patched as well. Not only this but choosing to flaunt vibrant colours like indigo and canary yellow help bring out the complete summer look. Shirts can also be worn with different styles, from cropped shirts, bomber tops and tie-ups, there is a style for every taste. 

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Other essential accessories: 

  • Hats

Hats are great as a shade, protection from the heat while also looking stylish and adding to the existing outfit. 

  • Bikinis/Swimwear

For a swim at the beach or a tan, comfortable swimwear is essential for Australia with its plentiful beaches that are a must-visit. 

  • Sunglasses 

These accessories can act as statement pieces, while also being a holy grail during the afternoon time in Australia, saving you from blaring sun rays. 

The simple idea of summer dressing in Australia is to be comfortable, in relaxed fit outfits that look chic while also serving the purpose of comfort and convenience on long sightseeing tours or other exploring adventures.