‘A capsule wardrobe represents more time, more money and more energy for the things in life that really matter’ - a collection to develop around us and for ‘us’ that defines our thought process in a way that our words can’t describe.

It is a collection to be made for long-lasting feelings and representation of your self-esteem to your inner self. Our wardrobe should be a sheer reflection of our choices and who we are in totality. It is our go-to place for happiness and despair. Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner in her new book,You are what you wearstates how we often end up wearing homogenous clothes and accessories from 100% items we own. On the side, Gianni Versace beautifully helps us change our perception about fashion and fashion industry tactics to lure our senses into something that isn’t sustainable , confirms firmly - ‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are’. Sense of similarity between the two thoughts, right?


In the times where our success is directly proportional to our time, it gets utmost important to save every bit and pieces from every way we can. The major way to do so is to keep a check on your wardrobe as it is the first thing we visit in the morning after our basic care routine. Keeping it fresh and intact gives you a positive start to the day. A blowsy wardrobe is the most callow thing to do in the morning or at the end of the day, just to lose your vibes short and drowsy.  

To sort this game, it is important to focus on two fundamental affairs:

  1. Genus of wardrobe
  2. Textile dermatitis. 

These two factors are your daily routine go-to and seize your good amount of time. Taking care of it rightly can save you from squanders. 

Here, are some studies that explain the importance of having a concise wardrobe with only stationing pairs that are suitable for your skin type:

  • Skin diseases occurring due to textile usage are reaching an alarming stage and almost 62% of the lot is facing issues daily irrespective of the usage of branded materials. For a fact, everything that is ever created comes with a pre-decided expiry date decided on the day of its development itself. The textile products are very much a part of this cycle and for this, they are topping the list for ages.
  • As per the recent analytics of Global Skin Disease Morbidity and Mortality, a study conducted in 2013 on the Global Burden of Disease, the problem of dermatitis ranked in the first position. The major part, approving the numbers where more than half percent of it is caused by wearing textile materials not suitable to the body or overusing certain materials with chemical infusions on the body for a longer time. It is a global problem and the age of fast fashion is pitching in the growth. The situation is predicted to worsen if the use of unhygienic and chemically processed material is continued at the same pace.
    • Reciting another research, a male of 18-25 years of age invests 7-10% of his time in deciding what to wear at college, work, or party every day and a female of the same age group invests 12-15% of her time in choosing a perfect dress and accessories for the day. 
    • In yet another interview when both females and males of age group 18-35 were asked about the percentage of time investment in their hobbies and work-life balance, most of them ended up complaining about no personal lifetime. This is the lifestyle globally due to the increasing use of fashion hauls and social media comparisons. 

    Analyzing both the statistics and scenario, the one good conclusion we can come up with for this problem is the adoption of sustainability and minimalism for your wardrobe. This will solve the rest. 


    As per our research over the years and conversations with textile experts, we advise you to work on your wardrobe thoughtfully before organizing it right. The rest of your time and years should go in doing something more productive, important, and rewarding.

    We have always been advised on organizing our wardrobe right but never made us understand the true meaning of the word ‘Right’ in the line. At Crow, we believe that everything we do with our senses should benefit the last person that started the chain as well as for self-benefit. 

    The times are changing and the population around the world is craving organic surroundings, food, water, and anything and everything under the sun. You and we are not far. 

    As a conscious brand, our style of organizing a wardrobe is a little too different than the usual one but a long-lasting one, and the one for which we receive love from around and always. 

    Let’s take the first step towards a sustainable wardrobe and experience the change in your life and happiness factor. 

    Doing good pays in unimaginable ways!


    ‘Good order is the foundation of all things’ - Edmund Burke 

    There are only a few steps and you are done! Not all good things require effort.

    Make a timetable of your daily routine and your usual activities. This will give you an idea as to which places you need to visit and whom to meet in a day. You do not need to remove the entire wardrobe and rearrange it. The trick here is to not segregate as per the category but to arrange it as per your routine. For instance, the ideal way the arrangement for a sustainable wardrobe should be:

    • Napkins
    • Bathrobe 
    • Towels
    • Inner wears
    • Pants
    • Shirts
    • Workwear essentials
    • Accessories
    • Shoes
    • Relax wears
    • Evening wears
    • Emergency wears
    • Dinner dresses
    • Nightdress
    • Traditional wears
    • Party wears
    • Comfortable wears
    • Seasonals 
    • Extras

    This is basically how a normal person’s day looks in real life around the year. The wardrobe should be reshuffled as per the need but should not take eons years to find the right pair. 

    A more hygienic way of organizing your wardrobe is to keep a check on the basic stuff that you use to clean yourself. It gets extremely important to bleach the whites regularly to keep the shades in place and the cleanliness quotient right. It is also advisable to use chemical-free solutions and detergents for washing purposes to avoid itching on the skin and other related problems. 

    You can add organizers and departments to your wardrobe to keep all the belongings separately, thus saving time and energy in finding it every time you wish to use it. If you are not running low on budget then for extra care of formal wears, you can buy new hangers and arrange them in a set that helps you get it handy on a meeting day. The rest is on your experiment skills, enthusiasm, and comfort level about where you wish to keep your items.

    If you are done with the clutter and feel they can still work well for others, you can try participating in swap exhibitions and swap parties where you can exchange your clothes with others with the same quality. If this doesn't work for you, go donate and raise a helping hand.

    Pro Tip:

    Do not change the entire look of the wardrobe in the first week. It will take you quite a good amount of time to get used to it and this can spring in frustration as well as make you feel strange in your place. Keep it slow. Go step by step and make changes every week as per your needs.  

    The trick here is to adopt a habit of following a PWFOR and enjoy a perfect wardrobe all your life. 

    • Pick (Difficult job, but you will master it over time)
    • Wear (a little difficult but exciting)
    • Fold (It’s all about efforts! )
    • Organize (Go a little extra mile for yourself!)
    • Repeat (Consistency is the key)

    And with this, the beginning is done right in the first place. Congratulations to you for your first bold move towards a sustainable wardrobe!

    For gifting your wardrobe with a fresh sustainable touch, explore our handpicked references here