Our Most Loved Hand-Crafted Brands From Japan

Art in Japan is like a language. It is found in every nook and cranny, through various media and styles that make Japan truly diverse for its art forms. Traced back to the 10th century B.C., the people of Japan have been indulging in art and expressing their creativity since generations and generations. 

Influenced by religion and culture, Japanese art takes shape through ancient pottery and sculptures of Buddha, calligraphy on silk and paper of war stories, ceramics, origami, and so much more. Find yourself on any street in Japan, and you’ll be able to spot art effortlessly. We’ve picked out some of our favourite Art brands from Japan that are a must-visit. 


Cosmic Wonder 

Founded in 1997 by Yukinori Maeda, this store is located in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. It is a conceptual project, harnessing creativity and expressing it through clothing, artwork and performance. Covering such vast forms of art, it acts as a gallery for everything minimal and modern.

Recently, Cosmic Wonder was shifted from a studio in the city to a traditional house in between the mountains in North Kyoto. This shift marks the sharp change in their vision, as they progress closer to nature, away from their contemporary urban environment. This is a step towards their aim to be more preserving and mindful with the way their methods of producing clothes. 



Beginning in 2012, Shashahsa presents Japanese and Asian photography to the world through the format of an online photobook. It aims to promote traditional photography, giving new creators and artists space online, a platform to present their work and expand their audience. 

It has an exceptional and unique collection of photobooks, from rare and out-of-print artist books to ones from new and upcoming artists. From the city of Tokyo, Shashasha has won the heart of many local photographers, helping the photography scene of Asia to broaden and reach new heights, at a minimal cost. 


Yukari Art

Recently established in 2005, Yukari Art is a Tokyo-based brand that circles around representing 5 Japanese artists. They are currently focusing on contemporary artists, by managing and producing exhibitions in a method to showcase their art and work. Started by Yukari Mizuma, she wishes to support artists like herself and create an environment of harmonious appreciation and encouragement. 

Handling only a small bunch of artists, Yukari Art does so because they believe in quality over quantity. They focus only on these selected artists and uplift their work with immense dedication, passion and courtesy. They provide a space through their gallery and window gallery known as ‘Yukari Art Mini’. This concentrates on the demands of the artists and how they want to portray their creations. Visiting this gallery will give one an exclusive insight into five selected artists. 



Revolving around the concept of ‘less is more’, Modeco is a sustainable fashion brand in Nagoya, Japan. They aim to live a fulfilling life by giving back to the environment and being conscious of the materials they use for production. Designers from Modeco have turned waste into wearable items, from handbags to backpacks. They use materials like flooring boards, seatbelts, cotton and more to create trendy bags that are also mindful of reusing resources. 

Moreover, they also donate a percentage of their profits to NGOs fighting for the environment, doing their part for the planet as a global brand. Focusing on the art of upcycling materials, Moderco has transformed the idea of sustainable fashion in Japan.