Good Earth, Khan Market, New Delhi.

The home of everyday luxury, Good Earth highlights Indian style in modernity. Founded by ceramist Anita Lal, her primary aim was to unite rural potters with the world of design and style, in a movement to uplift their work in communities that celebrated it. In the late ’80s, a rising wave of plastic home decor took over Indian households - and this was revolutionised when the first Good Earth opened, in 1996 in the heart of South Mumbai. Speaking the language of crafts, Good Earth houses exquisite pieces that come together in traditional Indian styles with a contemporary twist. 

Their philosophy stems from caring for their artisans. They strive to preserve their legacy by continuing to amplify their art in their ceramics. Their Copper Ganges Water Jug and The Kansa Dining Collections are created with the intent of drawing from cultural knowledge. A material used as a staple in Indian households, Copper has various health benefits. It provides traditional wellness through its antibacterial properties and also helps provide Copper as an important nutrient to the body. Similarly, their Kansa Dining Collection is created on the theory of alkaline metals and their wellness benefits. Practiced in India for generations, these traditional techniques for staying healthy are incorporated into their ethos. 

Recently, Good Earth also created a luxury Sustainable Apparel line - that is an emulsion of modern style with indigenous fabrics, creating hand-made organic clothing. Promoting the spirit of sustainability forward, their revival of traditional arts and crafts helps rural communities continue to sustain their livelihood. From a dying demand for Indian terracotta pots to a now-famous store that celebrates Indian crafts, Good Earth has transformed the lives of many Indian artisans. They continue to eliminate plastics from their production, similarly omitting the use of synthetic materials in their special sustainable collection. 

They provide a myriad of different items that signify the beauty of Indian elegance. From hand-crafted dining collections, naturally dyed and embroidered home linens to soothing bath products, Good Earth spans over a large umbrella of everyday items that are modified to express luxury and Indian style. They also have a designer series, stocking independent designers who support their methods of sustainable production. Crow is proud to be among the talented labels that are represented at Good Earth. 

After 20 years of excellence in Indian crafts, Good Earth has sponsored the Fabric of India exhibition at the stunning V&A Museum in London. It introduced Indian textiles to the world, spreading awareness about the immense talent and skill that Indian craftsmen possess.

Spread out in India over 6 different cities with an online presence that caters to 40 different countries, Good Earth has become a favorite for all. Locations include the famous Khan Market in Delhi, where they also have a lovely cafe to indulge in. They have stores across Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Jodhpur. To learn more about Good Earth, click here