Amethyst, Chennai

Amethyst, Chennai

Whites Road, Next To Corporation Bank, Royapettah, Chennai (Madras) 600014, India


A cultural space that serves designer apparel, accessories, and footwear with a side of coffee, Amethyst is a concept store created by Kiran Rao. It was created by the desire for European style cafes in Chennai, which Rao loved to visit during her time as a student in the UK. Developed in the early 2000s, Amethyst is now a renovated spot in her ancestral home that is an expression of her artistic side.


Inspired by the idea of recycling and creating a plethora of innovations in a current canvas, Rao used her existing ancestral home as the place of birth for Amethyst. She loved the idea of recreation and transformation, elucidating the fascination that comes with putting 100-year-old stones to a new use instead of breaking the walls down. Her ‘haveli,’ a traditional Indian mansion, retained its old-world charm and was used as a home for a boutique as well as a cafe. Amongst the canopy of nature and the vintage architecture, customers enjoyed shopping exclusive labels as well as relishing delicious snacks at the cafe.


After 10 years of flourishing business at the haveli, Rao decided to move to a new space to expand her artistic vision. Amethyst, which now sits on White Road, has a myriad of creative areas such as a garden cafe, a flower shop, a fashion boutique, and an event space as well. Keeping in mind aesthetics for every nook and corner of Amethyst, customers are welcomed by a classical cobble-stone wind-up path amidst lush greens that lead up to the Wild Garden Cafe. The flower shop boasts extravagant and exotic flowers, with carefully curated floral arrangements that are one of a kind, expressing simply through the vivid colors and soothing scents.


The boutique, known as ‘Upstairs,’ showcases individual pieces by credited designers. A meticulous selection by Rao herself, the boutique has a range of Indian designers and promotes the slow-fashion movement. With a special eye for organic clothing, the boutique celebrates sustainable labels in their production, and practice the same in their own way. Their love for handmade clothing is expressed through the brands they source from, making it a point to be truly mindful of fashion’s environmental impact.


Amethyst also has a space that is dedicated to exhibitions and shows. Serving as the ultimate place for aspiring brands and designers to launch, The Folly has hosted various music shows, film screenings, book signings, and art exhibitions that promote creativity and artistic direction. The aim to encourage art, craft, and talent has always been central to Rao, and this is beautifully executed at the Amethyst.


The go-to location for those that want to reside in the heart of nature, experience some peace and quiet, and would like to indulge in a treat for the eyes, mind, and soul; The Amethyst has gained popularity for being an ounce of tranquility in the busy, metropolitan city of Chennai. We love the Amethyst for their values - supporting Indian artisans and sustainable fashion by encouraging hand-made, organic clothing in their boutique is immensely gratifying.


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