Yuki Sugiura is a Tokyo born Photographer who mainly highlights the theme of ‘lifestyle’ in her art. Although originally from Tokyo, she has spent most of her life traveling all over the world and is now settled in the diverse and creative capital of England, London. She draws her inspiration from everyday living - from nature, colors, and food to the arts of design, film, and music. Her photography is a reflection of life, putting the spotlight on ordinary things to portray their extraordinary beauty. 


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She studied ceramics and graphic design at Camberwell College of Arts in London, where she found her passion for lifestyle photography. She has always had a keen interest in cooking and read more cookbooks than artbooks during her time at university. This was the foundation of her love for capturing food on camera, giving her the opportunity to photograph various cookbooks.

Aside from her avid food photography, Sugiura also enjoys photographing interior design and architecture - a fondness that comes from her love for traveling. 


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Recognized for her immense talent, Sugiura has photographed leading journalist companies like The Financial Times and Bloomsbury publishing. 

These are some of the places that Sugiura finds inspiration from, drawing on her internal aesthetics for her style of photography:

  • Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 


When she was an art student, she went to the ceramics department of the V&A Museum to seek inspiration for her work. The world’s largest for decorative art, the museum is a true symbol of the history of arts and objects passed down over generations. 

Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL, United Kingdom

  • Peckham Rye Garden / Sexby Garden

A garden close to where she lives, Sugiura enjoys the view of blooming flowers and plants during the season of spring. One of her favorite flowers, wisteria tunnel, creates a beautiful canopy of a purple hue that is mesmerizing. She’s grateful to have various gardens in London, admiring their beauty. 

London SE15 3UA, United Kingdom

  • Rewilding Project at Knepp Safari, Sussex

A patch of land near Gatwick airport has been dedicated to rewilding. Using nature as the vital force, animals are grazed there alongside natural water bodies, making it one of the UK areas that have seen significant growth in wildlife. Sugiura has immense respect for this location, admiring the strive for sustainability and preservation of the environment. 

  • Shonan coastal area, Japan

A coastal town in Japan where her parents reside, Shonan has won Sugiura’s heart through its beautiful beaches and creative streets. During her summer holidays of college, she has explored the city - creating friendships with creative, artistic, and inspirational people that she holds very close to her heart. One day, she hopes to learn how to surf and ride the great waves of the sea. 

  • Alentejo region in Portugal

On a long term project, Sugiura got the chance to stay in Portugal. She fell in love with the historic architecture of the country, especially in a region called Alentejo. Defined by tall wild grass and open landscapes, Alentejo has a rural charm. 

  • Japan Folk Crafts Museum (Nihon Mingei-kan)

One of her fondest memories of growing up in Japan involves having lunch with her mother after school and exploring the Japan Folk Crafts Museum. With various mediums like ceramics, basketry, textiles, and more, the museum is a real gem in Japan. It is the key place to learn about Mingei art, which, roughly translated, means ‘folk art’. The museum works to revive Japanese folk art and is a place that Sugiura visits every time she’s back in Japan. 

  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Sugiura has claimed this to be her most favorite museum of all time. She admires every aspect of the museum, whether it’s the architecture, how it sits beside a beautiful and calming body of water or the way one can take a stroll in their gardens. It is known for its monumental sculptures and unique exhibitions, making it one of Denmark’s best museums. 

Gl Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk, Denmark

  • Museu Calouste Gulbenkian and Gulbenkian Garden

A museum in Lisbon that showcases encyclopedic art, Sugiura loves the beautiful gardens here. With open-air concerts or a relaxing afternoon by the lake, the museum expresses itself through art, charity, science, and education. 

Av. de Berna 45A, 1067-001 Lisboa, Portugal

  • Food and street markets all over the world

  • It is no mystery that Sugiura indulges in the flavors of the food with immense passion, which is portrayed through her love for food photography. She loves to explore street food whenever she travels and has a keen eye for authentic markets that are a local identity - wherever it may be. Recently, she has found open markets along the streets of Spain and Portugal. 

    Just like her passion for photography, Sugiura also admires the movement of sustainability and supports slow-fashion, as we do at Crow. Find out more about her work here