Kaori Tatebayashi is a Japenese artist that celebrates the art of ceramics through her sculpture work. Having grown up in the beautiful city of Kyoto, Kaori has been in the lap of nature and gardens that have translated themselves into her work. She recreates her glimpses of nature through ceramics of flowers and plants - in a hope to capture something so precious. Currently residing in London, she craft function and decorative ceramics from her studio. 


She seeks inspiration from her environment, through observations during her walks in numerous gardens, she finds elements of nature that speak to her. She also enjoys taking trips to flea markets and discovering little things that have a rich story and history behind them. Seeded in culture and heritage, she appreciates anecdotes to every object found. 


An activity she relishes is growing plants from seeds. She finds it fascinating to watch nature do its work, marvelling at the fleeting moments go by as something as small as a seed is given life and grows into a plant. One of the many reasons she reflects nature in her work - she tries to capture fleeting moments, to pause time and contain a stage forever. 


Experiencing an aura of inspiration and influence, these are some places around the world that Kaori finds enlivening: 

  • The Gamble, Poynter and Morris Room at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London. 

  • The world-famous and first-ever Cafe Museum, it had three themed rooms. The Gamble room is decorated with beautiful hand-made ceramics, glass and enamel ornaments. The Poynter room is surrounded with glazed ceramic windows on the walls, giving it a dutch touch. Similarly, the Morris room is given a victorian feel by using organic patterns and zodiac signs, creating a museum cafe that takes you through a journey of time and place. Kaori also reminiscences the live piano music that goes perfectly with the themes. 

    Cromwell Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW7 2RL, United Kingdom

  • Sir John Soane’s Museum, London. 

  • A house museum that previously belonged to the neo-classical architect Sir John Soane, this museum offers an insight into the extraordinary collections, that date back to the 17th century. A lover of history, Kaori finds exciting artefacts, paintings, sculptures and other art pieces that paint a picture of the historical times and life of the legendary architect. 

    13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, Holborn, London WC2A 3BP, United Kingdom

  • Great Dixter, East Sussex. 

  • One of Kaori’s favourite gardens, Great Dixter is a house and garden that spans across about 4 acres, designed by Edwin Lutyens. Resigning on a slope, it is a location of immense antiquity in terms of historical use and significance. Kaori deems this place as a great source of inspiration for both - her personal garden as well as her work. 

    Northiam, Rye TN31 6PH, United Kingdom

    • Petersham nurseries, London

    Beautiful conservatories transformed into shops, cafes and restaurants, Kaori adores the aesthetic of the place. She praises the design, finding the marriage of landscape art and function spaces to be dreamy. With a strong philosophy to care for the environment, Petersham nurseries have various guides in place that are eco-friendly and practise similar ways of living in their work. 

  • Horniman Museum and Gardens, London. 

  • Located in the lush Forest Hill, this is an inspiring attraction that includes collections of anthropology, music, an aquarium and a butterfly house as well. Kaori favourites include the taxidermies, while she also enjoys the prairie garden and the butterfly house. Unlike other museums, one can also pick up objects and see them up close. With a whopping 16 acre garden, visitors find themselves fully indulged and occupied throughout their entire exploration, making this museum a rather immersive experience altogether.

    100 London Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ, United Kingdom

  • The city of Paris

  • Kaori loves exploring Paris for its unbeatable beauty and elegance. One of her favourite activities is to take a stroll on the lovely streets of Paris, taking in the art, culture and environment of the iconic city.  

  • The city of Nara  

  • An antique tucked away capital city in Japan, Kaori loves it for its temples and artwork that date back to the 8th century. A city rooted in history and culture, Nara is an untouched part of Japan that Kaori finds comfort in. 

    Find Kaori Tatebayashi’s nature-loving work here

    She is wearing paper white shirt and organic black polka pleated pants from our collection

    Photographes by Yuki Sugiura.