Velwyn is a London based fashion illustrator and doll artist. She has a passion for music (jazz, funk, house), traveling, and doll-collecting. In her spare time, she likes to tend her plants, dance, learn about psychology & philosophy, study Japanese, and recently - playing Animal Crossing whilst connecting with many players from all over the world.

She was born in South Sumatra (1986) and spent her childhood in Jakarta. Then at age 16, she migrated with her parents to the U.S (2003). After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles (2012), she worked for one year in an advertising agency before moving to London (2014) to live with her husband and to work as a freelance artist/designer. 


She is currently residing in East London, a short distance from Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park. 

She is a fashion illustrator / visual artist working in different mediums (traditional and digital). Although since 2017, she has been a full-time doll artist and manages her small art-doll business in her studio at home.


Places that inspire her:

  1. Japan:  She assumes that this country won’t need an introduction as it can mean many things to many people. Although it’s not a perfect place, there are so many things that hooked her each time to come back to visit year after year. Many told her that they experienced real post-travel blues coming back from Japan, and it was nice to know that she is not alone. She is currently planning for a long-term Japanese language study abroad, and she hopes that the Covid vaccine will be available soon. For museums: She loves Mori Art in Roppongi, 2121 Design Sight, Chichu in Naoshima amongst many others.
  2. Tokyo: Naka-Meguro neighborhood, She is inspired by this chic area mainly because she is a real softie for well-designed objects and architecture. She loves spending her time in Daikanyama T-Site to browse various books and magazines. There’s also a cute doll shop and many independent lifestyle shops in this area.
  3. London: Tate & Southbank Centre area in London, she enjoys going to art exhibitions, walking along the Thames River, and going to the Southbank food market with her husband (or visiting friends) either for Pad Thai or Vegetarian Indian food. 
  4. Iceland: She has visited twice and looks forward to going back again. Such a serene and beautiful place, she was in awe of nature and terrain. She enjoyed her time in Reykjavik too, plenty of charming shops and houses to take photographs from. It took her a while to get used to their geothermal egg-smelling water but she liked the fact that it’s natural and rather soft on the skin. 
  5. Greece: She recently came back from the Cyclades islands (Santorini & Paros). Warm people, nice food, and aesthetically beautiful. She is also pulled by some memorable moments such as the strong smell of the sea, the fishermen chatting while repairing their nets, and the cute dogs and cats on the small streets. She will definitely go back to visit the other islands in the future.

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