Ryoo Ago | Photographer | Japan

Ryoo Ago is a Japanese photographer, currently residing in the beautiful seaside city, Kamakura. She enjoys a life full of exploration and discovery, which she encaptures through her photographs. 


She is inspired greatly by nature, from the little things like taking a stroll on a bright sunny day, to observing a deep carpeted forest, she cinematises and adapts small picturesque scenes into her photographs. 


A technique she uses most often is shooting with film, which reveals a timeless aesthetic to the photos. Capturing on film also means that the final result isn’t seen until the image is developed; thus, Ago has to use her principles of art and experience as a photographer to frame it correctly, which takes immense skill and practise to achieve. 



While there are numerous ways to develop photos from a film camera, Ago adapts these processes herself, printing them using methods of a dark room, collotype, clothe printing and more, making her art remarkably unique. 


Ago finds beauty in everyday life, just like some of her favourite places around the world: 

  • Paramita, Okinawa, Japan. 

A cute little cafe in Okinawa, this is where Ago held her fist exhibition, automatically making this a place full of memories and reminiscence. She vouches for the wonderful hospitality by the shop wonder and his family, ensuring the wholesome atmosphere of the cafe. 

278-3 Nakasone, Nakijin, Kunigami District, Okinawa 905-0401, Japan. 

  • Kuruwa Beach, Yokosuka, Japan. 

A public beach near Ago’s hometown, she enjoys her time here, relaxing and listening to the calming waves. A retreat to laze around and unwind, the beach also allows other activities like camping to make a trip there undoubtedly delightful. 

Akiya, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 240-0105, Japan

  • Kyoto, Japan. 

A town in Japan close to her heart; this is where Ago attended college. She has many praises for this historic town, with its rich Japanese heritage and traditional art. It is known for its classic Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and time-honoured wooden houses. A town full of sightseeing and immense opportunities to discover Japanese Art, Kyoto is a hidden gem to visit. 

  • Real de Catorce, Mexico. 

A small Mexican village, this place houses famous churches and numerous pilgrimage sites. Ago expressed a strange feeling while she was there as if it was a magical spell cast over her. She will always remember the beautiful scenery atop hills and mountains, along with the vibrant culture as something that made the village what it was. 

  • Hawaii Islands 

Hawaii is a special place for Ago; she lived there for two years. However, a life-changing realisation happened here, due to struggles of a language barrier. While it was difficult for her to communicate with others, and visa versa, she found communication through art. She associated art as a universal language and medium of expression without the use of words. This discovery is why she holds Hawaii so close to her heart.

Just like Ago, we embrace our surroundings, with many of our collection inspired by nature along with our promise to sustainability.