Suzanne lives with her husband, two sons, and two cats in Maarssen, a small who village in the Netherlands.

She loves old and original things. Suzanne believes in salvage and re-purposing. Besides the excitement in finding old treasures, she believes in the value of these objects and the stories they tell. These objects made and used by other people have their personal histories and is a very sustainable way of living.

She says, “When I see a special colour or shape, I intuitively feel it’s a treasure. Besides the esthetics of the object is functionality important to me.” Apart from working as an interior designer for a child care organization, Pardijs also works as an interior stylist for interior magazines, collaborating with Lucie Beck, a food photographer.

Her love for the personal stories attached to objects and places allows her to create unique setups for every photo shoot.

She says, “the most important thing is, that the designs tell a story. We try to capture the essence: The love, for an animal or the love for a particular shape. We are trying to make pearls. And as in nature, it takes time, love and attention. So each of them can tell a story of their own. I believe that the things we use daily are worth more of our time and attention. They give our home personality, warmth and love. In that way, I prefer less but beautiful than more and a lot.”

You can look at your interior as a takeaway meal or you can cook your own meal. The last is healthier and gives you more satisfaction.

In the same way, you gain more satisfaction in your home when you collect the ingredients yourself. Suzanne chooses to work with associates who are also friends, because of the immense synergies and also the possibilities of learning from each other.

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