Maia Flore from the south of France is a visual artist and photographer who graduated from Ecole des Gobelins in 2010, living in Los Angeles. Her aesthetics, inspired by light and shadow, gives a new modern minimalistic touch to visuals. Her aesthetics of colours give life to the photographs that she takes.



Visiting new places, and observing the lifestyle of people, listening to their stories, are few things that she enjoys; not only this help her get inspired but also gives her an insight into new designs and creativity. Maia finds inspiration and calm in nature itself. Her love for the smell of the forest and the uncertainty of weather from deep fog to clear sky, watching the sunset, and seeing whales can be seen through her art of visuals.


The natural essence inspires us that she delivers to viewers. Her exploration of new methods of narration and representation is something that we strive to achieve as designers. Her depiction of the dreamy world and flow makes the visuals look out of the box. The minimalism of art that she delivers through her visual skills gives viewers an insight into the timeless space of fantasy through her lens.
Maia enjoys seeing art as much as she loves making it, La Galleria Des Filles du Calvaire in Paris features beautiful space, the feeling of being challenged by what she sees as something that pushes her to do better.


Simple joys of driving US-1, along with the Pacific Ocean, sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, gives a depth to her vision. Her idea of getting a concept from what she observes along the journey of her travel is astonishing.
Fiskars village in Finland, a small village of artisans and designers she observed while travelling, became one of the most inspiring places for her, she felt her senses awake when she met fascinating people from the village, the village was a fairy-tale, a calm amidst the chaos, surrounded by the stories and art, Maia found her artistry.

You can follow her journey of timeless space of art and vision