Alena Hil is an artist from Minsk. She started her art education in the city of Grodno, simultaneously studied mathematics and kept herself engaged in swimming. After that, she took admission in Minsk College of Architecture and Civil Engineering and graduated with a degree in design in an architectural and spatial environment. 

Even though she had an educational background in art, she feels that she began to draw for herself and felt like an artist for only last three years.
Her vision of collaborating a story with an abstract illusion of art is what makes her unique and extraordinary.

We as designers aspire to achieve the narration, she brings through her visuals. The tale of fiction. she creates on paper to convey a message is exceptional. As designers, we are inspired by her observation of details in everyday life to create something that is one of a kind in its own way. Her depiction of the female body and the abstract visual she gives unfolds a story of its own.

For her, inspiration is not something found in a particular place, and it can be found anywhere. Meeting new people, listening to stories of strangers, circumstances and everyday life. Her work shows documentation of stories, fictional creatures and in the particular female body. Her idea of making something with a strong concept and visualisation of a theme behind every artwork makes her art appealing to the viewers.

Every artwork that Alena makes becomes her new favourite. Her personalisation to the concept and vision she tries to deliver is something that gives each artwork its own identity.