Lucie Beck is a photographer specialized in food, food stylist and interior photographer, living in Breukelen, a small village near Amsterdam in Holland with her 3 sons and husband.



"The urge to create" is what guides Lucie to work. According to her, the freedom to do and finding a place to work where the heart works faster turns the making process into a fun activity. For her, the crux of creating lies in absorbing all knowledge like a sponge, seeing possibilities in everything, inspiring people and getting inspiration from others. 




Talking about her styling and photography, she has to say, “I can get into a flow when I'm styling.” Photographing, developing myself, experimenting, are all a part of her practice and learning process. And realizing this passion happens with a constant focus on the future.



In 2018, she won the 3rd prize at "Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2018" in the category "Food blogger". And recently, in 2019, she was selected for "Foodphotofestival" in Vejle, Denmark.

We love the artistic styling and the contrast in her pictures, 

you can check her work at