Our latest collection, Roos & Fleur, has been created with a special assortment of fabrics - sourced from the wonderfully sustainable and ethical brand Malkha. Working towards changing the industrial perception and method in cotton production, Malkha supplies handloom cotton with a strive to leave colossal machines behind. 


Produced using small-scale yarn-making units, Malkha creates a harmonious environment for the local community and their art. They have been praised for their vibrant selection of colours, all of which is an emulsion of natural dyes.They embrace the uniqueness that comes with every fabric that is dyed, having tiny differences that make them individually eccentric. 


A 3 step process, handloom cotton is created through spinning, weaving and finally - dyeing.  



The initial step that involves converting the cotton plant into yarn, Spinning first cleans the cotton of excess waste, before putting it into a carding machine. After multiple cycles of rotations, fibres are formed that are fashioned into yarn for further weaving and knitting. Malkha takes great pride in giving up machinery - resulting in cotton that is more refined and cared for, without the damaging processes of steam-pressing and baling. It also gives regional artists an opportunity to keep their skills alive as they work the spin, instead of heavy machines gratuitously working for them. 


In this stage, the yarn is placed strategically, in a pattern that involves inter lapping in order to create a completed fabric. Malkha uses hand-operated looms, where artisans use their power to pull cords, turn the warping wheel and arrange the yarn. Instead of being damaged and impaired under the heat of an electrically powered weaving machine, fabric that is hand-woven retains its original properties. Practising inclusivity and equality, both women and men are given the task to operate the hand-loom at Malkha.


Strictly using natural dyes, Malkha believes in a chemical-free process of creating beautifully coloured fabrics. They extract their dyes from inspirations in nature - vegetable dyes to natural spice dyes. One of their most popular and loved dyes, Anar Yellow, is created using the outer rind of a pomegranate. Their motive behind using natural dyes is to embrace a way of dyeing that has zero costs to the environment in terms of pollution. Free of toxicity and unnecessary dumping, natural dyes are the way forward for slow-fashion. 

Embodying the future of sustainable fashion, Malkha has adopted every eco-friendly method in the hopes of creating fabric that is chemical-free. Not only this, but Malkha also believes in ethical work, making sure women and men are given equal opportunities for work, empowering local communities across India and keeping their art alive. We are proud and grateful to use their fabric for our latest collection, which can be shopped here