A group of dyes that consists of chemicals and synthetic are called azo- colours. These dyes are used to colour a range of products; some examples are plastic, cosmetics, textiles and even food. With the intense pigmentation, these dyes can dye all types of fibres, synthetic, natural and artificial materials. Around 70 per cent of textile commercials use these dyes to show the pigmentation of colour in their products. However, azo-dye is harmful to the environment and human health.
With organic industries growing and sustainability coming in, many textile producers and fashion brands have adopted the use of azo-free dyes. Azo-free dyes do not consist of nitrogen-based compounds which liberate amines. These dyes are eco-friendly and eliminate the use of toxic compounds. Azo-free dyes are low impact dyes also referred to as fibre reactive dyes.
These groups of synthetic chemical-based dyes are better for the environment than the usual conventional dyes that are available easily. Not only do they complement the sensitive skin but also help in taking a step forward towards sustainability and protecting the environment.
•  Their higher absorption rate reduces the use of chemicals and gives out lesser water wastage into the environment. The absorption rate into the clothing goes up to 70%, making the dye  eco-friendly.
•  These dyes do not contain the use of heavy metals, which makes it more sensitive towards the environment as well as human health.
•  Azo-free means the compound that doesn't include harmful and toxic chemicals like bleach and nitrogen. People with chemically sensitive skin can wear these dyes without worrying about the impact it's going to have on their skin.

The textile industry is accountable for the wastage of many resources. With wastage ranging from 40 thousand to 50 thousand tons poured in water bodies, there has been significant concern towards the environment and adopting an eco-friendly and  sustainable approach towards the working environment. Azo-free dyes make us a step closer to participate in these environment-friendly activities.