“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another”, quoted righty by Charles Dickens. 

A donation is a present for a noble cause, philanthropic guide, or to profit a reason. It may take different structures, including cash, offerings, administrations, or products, for example, dress, toys, food, or any declaration of selfless love and care for others in society.


Donations are a reason for humankind as well as it is likewise an approach to move from direct economy to a circular one. In the direct economy, the wearables delivered from the fabric gets poured in the landfills with no further use. In any case, in a circular economy, the wearables are not unloaded immediately in the dumps however are re-used again by somebody straightforwardly; thanks to donations or by the material organizations to repurpose and re-use the material for making another pair. Whenever examined the circumstance of the dumps well, the unloaded ones are generally the ones that can be reused well for a base time of 2-5-10 years in equal, consequently sparing power and enormous water utilization.


As per the statistics, an expected 620,000 tons of materials were gathered for re-purpose and re-using in 2018; an expansion on the 600,000 tons gathered the prior year. Most of them which were supposed and bound for the re-use market with 32% re-utilized in the UK (good cause shops) and around 60% sent out.

According to the recent reports stated by WWD official website, 43% of the 'Used' clothes in the UK were dumped during the lockdown period due to most of the charity shops being closed (Reference source).


Value of Used Clothing Imported into the United Kingdom (UK) in 2019, by Country of Origin (In Thousand U.S. Dollars)
Used clothing imported into UK, London

(Source Information: STATISTA)

On the other hand , a thorough note of the matter should be taken about the wastage generated due to trashing unwanted clothes are causing harm to the environment, and the management of such wastage is essential and a necessary need of time.


Why Donate: Reasons and Need?

Some deeds are good and it does not require reasons, donation is one such deed and activity.


A Beneficial Relationship with the Environment

At the point when you give your garments, you are sparing the climate from a ton of mischief. As per the EPA, it costs $45 on a standard per ton to discard squander in a landfill. A dress that sits in landfill discharges harmful ozone-depleting substances like carbon dioxide and methane into the climate when they separate. Finally, making new garments takes several gallons of water, and the creation of new materials represents 10% of all carbon outflows on the planet. We, as a society, can look into the mentioned concerns and try to keep it away from on the off chance that you give your garments for re-use.


Helps the One in Need


Despite the fact, you don't need your old garments any longer; it's nearly ensured that another person can and will. Numerous individuals need usable apparel and several other necessities to survive their life in different seasons, especially the harsh ones. There are catastrophe casualties, oppressed individuals, and kids needing basic wearables for their daily needs, and your donations can help. At the point when you discard your garments, they get no opportunity of contacting individuals who need them the most.


Better Boost of Happiness

If scrutinized well and jotted down correctly, you can understand how almost 100% of the materials in your home can be re-used and given, paying little mind to the quality or condition. This scenario implies you genuinely have no motivation not to share your old garments! It's better for the climate, it helps youngsters needing apparel, and you'll feel extraordinary by bringing a smile on someone's face in their dark times.

In case you're wondering where to give essential unit things like garments in the UK, scroll through the list to read more!


British Red Cross Charity Shop

British Red Cross Charity Shop accepts your garments donations, regardless of whether you believe they're the tallness of design or hostile to form. Just as garments, their master vintage, and originator shops are glad to take new and utilized shoes, gems, homeware, and silverware. They accept suitable condition clothing so that they can resell it at the lowest cost to the ones in need.


Heart UK

The Heart UK has banded together with 'iCollectClothes', a FREE garment re-using assortment administration that raises assets for HEART UK. This initiative - 'icollectclothes' can collect your items from your home or work environment and HEART UK will get £200 for each massive load of things gathered.

Please note that the administration works in London and the home provinces, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool areas.



Each part of TRAID's work expects to limit, improve and change the effects of garments – from halting garments being discarded to expanding the life of garments in our foundation shops and our moral style mark TRAIDremade, to conveying manageable instruction, to the global advancement ventures we asset to improve natural and working practices in the design business. The donations reach the one in need, and your intentions serve well.


Little Lives UK

Regardless of whether you are wiping out your closet for the new season or merely attempting to locate another utilization for garments you haven't worn in years, there's no preferred choice over giving to Little Lives UK. This foundation works for children to bring betterment to their lives.

You can either drop your garments off straightforwardly at their advantageous shop area, or they can gather them for FREE from eh mentioned place.


Oxfam Foundation

Oxfam shops are pleased continuously to acknowledge donations of value intact things that you presently don't need. Their groups prepare a skeleton or a blueprint plan to get however much cash-flow as could be expected from your liberality to subsidize Oxfam's neediness-busting work the world over. Things that sell exceptionally well are current design patterns and all embellishments. The donations help to encourage women and fight poverty in society.


Do consider visiting the above organizations and donating your clothes.

We at CROW support such causes, considering it our moral duty to the society and the environment. Not all are blessed, but if you have the power to make the difference, it will change the outlook of the world in the near time. It's a collective effort as we all know and says!


Donate clothes,

Collect smiles!