Ivana Suchacova is an abstract expressionist painter and philosopher who experiments in her paintings with a theme of freedom which she considers to be the essence of her inquiries.

Whether we create a conscious concept or give in to instinct, there still seems to be a concept in the lack of it. The question Amoris asks is: what is the freedom, then?

She received a Master of Philosophy of Arts degree at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Amoris’ works are influenced by not just the known and seen, but also the metaphysical. She creates works that stem from a reality that the Self aligns itself with, despite the habitual responses and unconscious thoughts.



Amoris inquiries into the dichotomies of doing and not doing, studying the Self as a being beyond one that is defined by choices that it is familiar with. It is more about the studying of Self, tasting the real essence of being when the mind is in conscious, wide-awake present stillness in which it starts to create. That is for her pure energy of being and creating in freedom.

Amoris’ current work concerns to questions and subsequent conversation that arises between the universal energies of something that comes from a priori freedom. The crucial seems to be the space that occurs in form, somewhere between movements, manifested in her visual expression. Her tendencies in her work are inspired by American abstract expressionism such as gestural abstraction or action painting where the canvas happens to be a vast space in which to act, rather than as a space in which to reproduce, redesign, analyze or express an object.



She goes even beyond in her visual studies and transcends that what the mind thinks about it, to the essential core of creating itself. What goes on the canvas is not a picture, or an idea, but actually is an event.

Some of her works created while travelling in Asia are exhibited in the museum of contemporary art MAIIAM in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and TITA GALLERY in Mae Rim, Thailand. She lately exhibited her latest works created back in Europe on a solo show in Muj Salek cavy in Karlin, Prague that was on view until July 21, 2019, and on a group show in Gallery Kotelna, Ricany, Prague until June 1, 2019.



She is now exhibiting her large scale works in a solo exhibition called Living the Truth in Artiseme, Prague. Her work is part of private collection in Prague, London, Munich, Slovakia, USA, Thailand and Bali.

Alongside painting, she also pursues film by capturing the world around her with a Flexaret two lens film camera.

 You can check her work at www.ordoamorisart.com.