Born in  Bedfordshire, England studied fine arts at Wimbledon School of Art, London. Louisa handprints all her textiles using the traditional handblock printing method. Her designs are geometrical and abstract in nature. Her textiles stand out due to the monochromatic colours which are distinguished by the flecks of colour that she hand paints in conjunction with the block's impression, the fleck is usually orange.

Her inspiration behind her work is the museums of London.

A walk around a Museum is one of her favourite things to do. She finds it overwhelming and inspiring, the history, the craft and textile from over the ages. The Victoria and Albert Museum and The British Museum are her favourites. 

Other than textiles, she loves to look at ceramics and handwoven baskets at the museum and works of different artists exhibited throughout the year. Some of her favourite artists are  Matisse; The Cutouts, Agnes Martin and Alexander Calder.



Along with Museums and galleries, she finds interior spaces of London very inspiring to visit like  Kettles Yard in Cambridge and Charleston Manor’s house in the Sussex Downs which according to her are wonderful places to visit. She truly admires the interesting furniture and work by various artists whenever she visits such places. A walk in the countryside or visiting a Garden can fill her with inspiration.  

We at Crow love her abstract, linear and monochrome block designs which she handprints it on textiles, We at Crow love the organic and rawness of hand block printing.

You can check her work