The hub for weaving and dyeing, Vankar Vishram Valji Weaving is one of the most beloved spots to observe India’s artisanal history and talent. Led by the master weaver, Vankar Shamji Vishram, it has become one of the most successful centers, with his artistry used all over India. For Crow, their dedication to what they do is one of the reasons we source from them. We admire the quality of their work, awing at the immense skill and talent required to create the fabric the way they do.

Started by his father, Vishram learned the ropes of weaving and dyeing by spending time at his father’s production unit. Thriving in the landscape of Kachchh, he has put together 60 families of weavers and dyers, creating fabrics of cotton and wool. These are transformed into carpets, stoles, scarves, and more - depending on the designer’s vision. Centering around the idea of community and home, they work unitedly to produce high-quality textiles. Aside from production, Vishram also explores his creative side through innovation and design. He puts his brain into creating distinct color combinations, patterns, and unique archetypes for expressing his ancient art in a neoteric way. 

They gained respect and interest first when his father won a National Award for designing a blanket, giving the community a spotlight through a better-known platform. Similarly, Vishram was recognized for his celebrated talent; he was awarded the UNESCO Seal of Excellence in Handicrafts. Awarded insight into the quality of his work, the expression of cultural identity, and innovativeness, his art is appreciated by all. He regularly participates in exhibitions, but the form of engagement he enjoys the most is workshops and classes. Invited to give talks, live workshops, and masterclasses by design and fashion university, Vishram takes pleasure in connecting with new budding talents and showing them the ways of the work. He gets a chance to display his art proudly while also learning new paradigms of thinking through the students who have a fresh perspective on design. 

Praised for the dedication with which the unit is run, Vishram regularly holds meetings with village elders and his entire team. During these meetings, they assess their work, brainstorm new ideas about their productions and the market, and ensure they stay progressing. This proactive initiative by him to keep the business going on a steady note is one of the many reasons why he is a successful entrepreneur today. 

Choosing the best of the best is essential to Crow. We stand for quality in everything we do - which is why working with Vankar Shamji Vishram is a pleasure. The fabric we source from them is created with the utmost sincerity, resulting in high-quality pieces used to shape Crow silhouettes. We work with people who share the same values as us, seeing Crow’s vision of sustainability and ethical work in the way Vishram and his unit works.