One of the significant ingredients of our exquisite garments is beautiful textiles. They are indeed a soul of the silhouettes. Who could tell better about our appealing textiles than Chinmayee. Our textile designer, a NIFT graduate hailing from Pune. Her curiosity about traditional art forms, the tales behind the crafts motivated her to pursue this field. She strongly feels that textiles are symbolic of the rich Indian culture and traditions.

Working with weaving clusters and artisans located in different parts of India has been a source of inspiration and immense learning for her.
She fondly says “ whenever I experience a creative block, I go back to our roots. I pack my bags and go to the fields full of stories, challenges, and passion. “
She keenly shares that “ at crow, the textiles are designed in different parts of the country. In spite of the difference in culture and geographical locations, they share common values. They are true to their craft and are very hard working. They never compromise with the quality of the fabrics and they follow sustainability in the whole process of making the fabric.

I recently visited Maheshwar to work with the weavers on development of fabric. The fabrics are handspun and handwoven. Some are naturally dyed while others are azo-free dyed. I was amazed by their infectious dedication. The weavers are extremely particular about the pre- post-process and have a strict quality check mechanism. Sharing a meal with them was extremely joyful and relaxing.

Our fine jamdani cotton fabrics are a result of collaboration with the weavers from West Bengal. The buttery soft fabric, elegant motifs, and soothing tones never fail to uplift mood.

The organic cotton used in our latest collection was woven by the warm and welcoming weavers of Kutch. Organic cotton is locally known as “Kala Cotton”. This cotton is grown without pesticides, fertilizers and is rain-fed, it is 100% biodegradable. It can bravely survive diseases and pests. The fabrics or hanks are dyed with organic dyes produced locally and are highly eco-friendly and humble to nature. 

Some of our garments have block print detailing which, as a result of our work with block printers from Jaipur and Ajrakhpur. It is captivating to see the block printed fabrics drying outside the majority of the workshops and households in villages.
The beautiful learning journey has helped me in staying authentic and thriving. I have imbibed the historical background and the technique of the crafts through my interactions. 

A lot of hard work and determination goes in the process of development of textiles. Some of the textiles receive high levels of appreciation while others don’t. However, the team invests the same amount of dedication in each textile, designed and developed.  

Thanks for supporting us in exploring crafts and working with the artisans and weavers across the country.