Henry Burns is a multidisciplinary artist who works with collage, installation, and assemblages. Growing up in suburban Surrey, Henry initially studied for a year at Cornwall before heading to London for his training at the Chelsea College of Art.



His interests are rooted in the remnants of objects and structures, their obsolescence entering them into a limbo-like state where meaning is more open to individual interpretation. Artists Anne Hardy, Gordon Matta-Clark, Christof Büchel, and the Russian Constructivism movement have been major influences. 

Henry’s process is one of collecting and constructing from scraps. He gathers excess materials from tv/film production sets, skips, and car-boot sales. The resulting installations tend to have an ad hoc and liminal quality to them. These three-dimensional works are closely interlinked with his paintings and collages which act as testing-ground for colour and shape configurations. 


Henry works as part of F.A.F., a collective trio that undertakes larger, more functional projects such as a three-storey greenhouse in London Bridge or a diving tower made from reclaimed material at a demolition site in New Cross. 

Henry recommends some interesting locations and venues to travel, soak up some inspiration and spend some time away from the busy routine of daily life:


  • Kettle’s Yard is the former private residence of Jim Ede which is maintained in its original state. The adjoining gallery space also has a great programme of exhibitions. 

Castle St, Cambridge CB3 0AQ, United Kingdom

  • Bonnington Café is a community-run restaurant, tucked away in a beautiful square, with a great roster of chefs and vegetarian and vegan options. 

11 Vauxhall Grove, Vauxhall, London SW8 1TD, United Kingdom

  • Located on the coast of Kent, Dungeness provides such an unusual landscape for the UK. The concrete acoustic mirrors built during the first World War, to reflect sound waves are also located nearby.

New York:

  • The Dia Art Foundation’s collection of art at the Dia Beacon from the 1960’s to the present day has an amazing collection of post-war sculpture and installation, in an incredible building. 

3, Beekman St, Beacon, NY 12508, United States


  • The Király Baths are thermal baths built in Hungary during the Ottoman rule. Travel through time while visiting these historic baths located in Budapest.

Budapest, Fő u. 84, 1027 Hungary


Instagram: hsp_burns

Website: www.henryburns.co.uk