We at Crow, design classic timeless women's collection with due respect to the people and the artisans. Celebrating women's fashion and luxury while honoring the uniqueness of hand made, which is laced with the modesty and humility of our makers and weavers.

Our contemporary textiles are designed by us, which is hand-woven in different regions of India, Indian craft is a constant source of inspiration at a crow. Later all our garments are carefully stitched by our bespoke team of "karigar's"in our studio in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

The process of making our clothes is of extreme significance. There is a thought put in every stage of the making; this creates a bond between the people who work with us during the entire process of making our collection. The weaver, supplier, manufacturer, our team of "karigar's" and designers work towards implementing the particular design giving birth to a garment with the same thought.  

We are a team of 25 young, enthusiastic, and fun members. The happiness and well being of our staff, our customers, and the environment is of utmost importance to us.

As a proud team of makers, we only wish to spread goodness with our clothing brand and give you a pleasurable experience of prosperity, security, and splendour.


At Crow, we have a fair equal rights policy when it comes to hiring and outsourcing. We consciously partner with artisans from various different communities, including the underprivileged, and those on the fringes of society, to provide them fair opportunities and dignity of labour and life.

For several years now, we have partnered with Women Weave — an organisation involved in reviving the weaving community of Maheshwar, in Central India. This women-centric organization has been uplifting the lives of local women and children by providing them with new looms, proper schools and creches, a housing colony for dignified living, access to international markets, and immense self-confidence.

Through their initiative of establishing The Handloom School in various parts of India, Women Weave has trained numerous young weavers, enabling them to pursue a career in weaving.

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Humane Campaigns & Content Creation

Crow firmly believes in anti-racism, anti-casteism, slow fashion, women empowerment, and humane business practices. The founder of Crow personally meets models, gets to know them, and ensures that each photo and video shoot is deliberately dignified, respectful, and stress-free.

Our selection of models is consciously free of discrimination and biases based on body size, body shape, skin tone, nationality, age, and caste.

Crow hires women of varying body sizes, skin tones, nationalities, ages, and castes. Over the years we have created successful campaigns with Black women, East Asian and South East Asian women, and European women, among others. 

Our model selection process largely relies on finding women with strong pro-life ideologies, artistic leanings, and inclusive mindsets.

In the coming years, all of us at Crow will continue to challenge preconceived notions surrounding femininity, attractiveness, and acceptance. We will remain committed to enhancing our comprehension of inclusiveness and diversity with each passing day.