Our Sustainable Practices

At Crow, we use organic cotton as much as possible, which is highly sustainable to the environment and the mother earth. All our handwoven cotton fabrics are 100% biodegradable and ethically grown, with a minimum carbon footprint. Our wish is to create fashion and luxury in harmony with nature. 
Social Sustainability 
We wish to create a better future for our people, artisans, and farmers in every way we can. At Crow, we make sure everyone involved in our production processes are treated with regard and respect. We strongly believe in giving fair and deserving wages, designing a product that not only revives livelihood of the farmer but ensures that traditional Indian art of weaving continues to bloom.
We try to work with ethical fair-trade cooperatives, charitable trusts, and NGOs. Who help us keep sustainability and try to conscientiously select partnerships that help us promote crow’s core values, which is spreading positivity amongst our community. Crow strives to practice social sustainability, and we do this by identifying our business decisions that impact our employees and artisans. 
Environmental Sustainability  
We are considerate of mindful production and strive to be a slow fashion brand. Every process is done with the utmost care, to conserve the natural resources. Our collections at Crow are made with a promise to our ecosystem and are designed with a careful eye of our footprints on the environment. Every brand decision is thought over, respecting our commitment to an increase in sustainable practices. 
One of the stages of production that affects the environment the most is the textiles used to make the garment. We ensure to use organic cotton in our collections, which is beneficial to both the environment and the livelihood of farmers.
About our organic fabric
Organic farming is a beautiful way of production that is cooperative of nature and its beings. This concept was first created by farmers, NGOs, and a group of people who are committed to a considerate way of living. 
Organic cotton production is, in all ways, more eco-friendly and sustainable.  
Organic cotton is cotton that is produced without the implementation of toxic and persistent chemicals. This significantly boosts soil health and promotes using less water. This has been so advantageous to farmers for both the health of their crops and the savings of their daily incomes, decreasing the environmental and economic impact of cotton fabric production. 
A fabric that Crow uses dedicatedly is Merino wool. This is sourced from a group of farmer communities that are mindful of their practices and work together for the animal’s wellbeing. Merino wool, in particular, has many benefits, from being a warm insulated fabric but having a breathable quality as well. The fabric is antibacterial by nature, requiring fewer washes, which helps conserve water, even if it is a small step. 
We put our sustainability promise in the making of our collection. 
Our Resources 
Our belief lies in designing clothes with sensitivity and sustainability. Our focus is always to protect the community that lives around and works for us. We strive hard to reduce our carbon footprints and try to protect the environment through our thoughtful practices. Our workshop has a lot of fresh, green plants that keep the ambiance clean, motivating, and healthier for our artisans to work in.  
We abide by specific measures to keep our environment safe and protected. 
  • We Promote the reuse and recycling of our fabrics and other materials.
  • We are supporting the inclusion of sustainability criteria in the cultivation of raw materials.
  • We make a deliberate effort to use every trace of our resources in the most utilitarian and mindful way. Our price tags are made from the leftover fabric remnants.
  • We innovate designs that help us use all our fabric remnants.
  • We minimise waste and reuse 95% of the raw material generated across the whole business. 
  • We reuse all the stationery and paper waste in our studio.
  • We ensure efficient energy and water usage, along with proper waste management in our production unit. 
  • We use our fabric remnants in the making of giving away bags; we use 100% cotton fabric for our packaging to avoid plastic.
Our Initiative To Bring Life To Your Old Clothes
There's an inherent comfort in old, oft-worn clothes, a distinct familiarity about their faded hues softened textures, and sometimes, the occasional frayed edges. Add to that the enduring memories that snuggly hold on to the knit and weave of frequently worn outfits, making it even more challenging to let go of them. And then, some clothes might have lingering sentimental value, while being completely detached from current trends or even measures of acceptability. The solution then is not to grudgingly throw them out or give them away as part of your next spring cleaning session. Nor do you have to leave them unused at the back of your wardrobe. 
At Crow, we celebrate the comfort and charm of old clothes by breathing new life into them with modern cuts, patterns, and other refurbishments. We know just how to subtly transform your old clothes into wearable fashion, in keeping with your style and timeless trends. This ensures that your favourite dress never again goes out of fashion. 
If you like the sound of this, we will be happy to take your old clothes at Crow, imbue them with new life, some renewed character, and classic accent, to enable you to wear them for longer. Write to us at manager@worldofcrow.com.
We want you to build a healthy relationship with your clothes. Thus, we feel blessed that we can soothe your senses and give you an opulent experience and make this world a safe place to the harbour.