Our Packaging

We are considerate about every resource we use at crow.

We take pride in recycling the smallest of our fabric remnants which are converted into paper, which we use to make our price tags, for other stationery we majorly use recycled paper sourced locally as we are aware making of the paper can cause massive deforestation. We try and do everything possible to protect the environment. 

We are taking tremendous measures and we only use recycled and compostable plastic.


Our Sustainable Packaging

We love packing every handcrafted dress in our 100% pure cotton fabrics. All our envelopes are made with biodegradable cotton fabric, and every envelope is custom cut as per the size of the order and the no of pieces. Giving a holistic approach to our packaging that helps us minimize our carbon footprint and prevent the ecosystem. 

  • Packaging made from paper is 100% recycled. 
  • Custom made envelopes to avoid waste.
  • Using 100% recycled paper
  • Educate the community of crow to practice environmental sustainability.
  • Educate our buyers about our contemplative practices helping the environment and the people. 


Our commitment to the environment

Every transaction is made with the least impact on the planet. We are making every process more sustainable and humble towards the environment and the community. 

We have replaced plastic with 100% cotton fabric.