Clothing To Wear While Doing Meditation

“Meditation can reintroduce you to the part that has been missing”. - Russell Simmons

Yoga and mediation have been adopted worldwide since the importance has reached the right ones. As per the report, the percentage of adults in the United States using meditation has increased from 4.1% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017. This has helped them take better decisions in their personal and professional life along with experiencing inner peace from the methods. 


In recent times, during COVID’19 the demand for virtual yoga and meditation has increased unimaginably in the United States


Level of interest in learning yoga or meditation through a video call or virtual class in the United States as of April 2020 


Meditation is an activity where we need to keep our body loose and focus solely on our mind activities. During this time, it is always suggested to wear loose clothes that allows one to feel relaxed and concentrate well. For this, organic clothing is the best option one can go for due to two main reasons:

  • Organic clothing is the oldest form of making attires which were designed for comfort and not just style. 
  • Organic clothes are not skin tight and are loose fit that easily allows the flow of air circulation in the body

Due to the increasing trend and adoption of the buzzword ‘Organic clothing’, a lot many brands are turning towards it. However, at times the reality turns different. 

We believed in the concept the same way until we understood the side effects of cotton cloth if not processed well before consumption. As per the Global survey, 62.4% of the population is facing skin and lungs related diseases due to harmful allergens released from textiles. Byssinosis is one such disease caused by particles of the cotton present in the air. These dust particles come from unprocessed cotton and enter the body through breathing. Further, it leads to breathing problems, chest tightening due to heaps of dust particles in the lungs, constant cough, etc. If this is not treated well on time, it can lead to lung cancer and congestive heart failure. 

For this, it becomes very important to check the quality of cotton material before usage along with the credentials of the brand. While meditating, the main thing one has to focus on is deep and long breaths. This gives a good space and chance for the dust particles to enter the lungs in just a few minutes of the span. When we imagine the larger impact, we can understand how through the medium of regular meditation, the humongous quantity of cotton dust particles enters our body system.

It is best to go with natural fabrics made from organically grown in the farms. Mediation is one such medium where we come in close contact with the fabrics, however, several other fabrics are presented around us at all times in all forms like bedsheets, towels, cleaning wipes, curtains, mats, etc. It is advisable to test the material before welcoming them in our homes. 




  • Skin-friendly and easy to handle for long hours

  • Reduce the severity of respiratory diseases spread through cloth dust 

  • Loose fit organic clothes allow the air circulation in the body and reduce the chances of breast cancer 

  • Adoption of organic lifestyle makes on aware of the responsibility towards self and world as a whole

  • Activate the environment cycle through organic clothing where everything that comes from the soil goes back to the soil. 


Environment cycle

As per the conglomerate research by Sally F. Bloomfield, Martin Exner 2, Carlo Signorelli, Kumar Jyoti Nath, Dr. Elizabeth A. Scott in their paper International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, showcases the way diseases enter the households through the medium of clothing materials. 





Infection spread through clothing


(Source: European Tissue- The infection risks associated with clothing and household linens in home and everyday life settings, and the role of laundry)


The words echoing high from the heart of Paramahansa Yogananda, ‘The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the spirit lies its greatest joy

If you are doing meditation, we are sure you are in search of inner peace and wealth equivalent health. If such a high level of effort is put in the process on a daily basis, it is smart to do it in a way that gives maximum benefit to your present condition. 

A perfect way of doing it is by utilizing the naturally available resources around you in the best possible way. As per the survey by Bodyecology, the top materials healthy for skin are not processed till the fourth level. If spared some time and understood well, the natural materials are not processed again and again through the use of machinery. The materials are good to wear when processed for once or to maximality of two, to retain the natural fibers and quality in the wearables. 

Some of the natural materials good for skin hygiene are:

is known well around the world due to its importance linked with the Father of Nation India, Mahatma Gandhi who weaved with his own hands on his ‘Charkha’ (spinning wheel used to make handmade fabric). is being adopted by the world in large numbers since the last many decades due to its versatility feature of being adaptable in all seasons. It is flexible to wear due to its broad weaves which allows one to breathe freely at all one of the most time-consuming weaves as it is entirely woven by hand and not a single weave involves machinery. Also, the hand weaves are very strong compared to machine weaves and this makes material long-lasting and durable in nature. It is made out of natural fibers and due to this, it can easily absorb natural dyes, giving it a colorful and stylish look. 


Silk is a natural material made from the skin of silkworms. The material helps in hormonal balance and is highly recommended fabric at the time of Menopause. Also, as per Jennifer Peterson, a dermatologist, the skin looks better when exposed to silk compared to cotton and other materials. It has natural fibers that help in the reduction of fine lines on the face that comes with aging. Silk cloths help in better breathing as it is made from a natural process and is not chemicalized through an artificial process, keeping the environmental allergens away.

Silk is best for meditation as it is loose and helps you feel comfortable as well as the natural fibers help you breathe in a better way without worrying about inhalation of harmful dust particles. 

(Did you know: During ancient times in India, girls facing period issues for four days were asked to stay in a corner to relax and sleep on silk bed sheets for comfort and keeping the hormonal balance in check)


Wool is a boon for Asthmatic patients. It is weaved from the skin of sheep and processed naturally to the end product. The material is hypoallergenic and helps in preventing harmful dust particles from entering the respiratory organs of the body. It is also used in most hospitals during the neonatal stage to avoid the sacrum pressure ulcers in the newborns. It is advisable to use only soft finely processed natural woolen material for newborns till the age of 3 years for strong lungs and breathing. 

Wool is good for mediation as it does not release any woolen particles from the material, thus keeping the air clean around you while taking your deep meaningful breaths.

Cashmere is a similar material that also works like wool.


Linen material is famously used for making bed sheets especially for hospitals where the patients have to lie on the bed for a longer time duration. It helps in reducing the sores from the body over a while. Linen clothes are good for meditation as the material is known to work as the major stress reliever and has natural healing properties. The formation of the material is in such a way that it aids in increasing the blood flow in the body and giving a good relaxation to the mind. 


Hemp’s usage has increased over the years since the awareness about sustainability and usage of organic fabrics have lined up. The material is made from natural hemp plants and has the quality to absorb the extra moisture from the body. Hemp also dries out quickly compared to other materials, thus preventing the gathering of bacteria on the surfaces for a longer time.

(Did you know: Hemp can hold up liquid three times compared to other materials making it suitable for even newborns)


When it comes to bamboo, the best clothing is Moso bamboo. They are good in quality and have natural antibacterial properties. It is a good material for meditation as it helps you breathe better and does not stick to the body constantly. 

(Did you know: Bamboo absorbs 35% more oxygen and CO2 compared to other trees in the forest)

The list is presented after thorough research and tests by our experts at CROW. We believe if your mediation aims to achieve the goal of satisfaction, then it should be done with the best means available by adopting what is finest for your skin along with mind. 

Change your exterior to change your interior!

Happy soul diving!