9 Colours To Wear IN 9 Days Of Navratri For Men

The festive season has begun with Navratri and everyone is outfitting to praise it in full enthusiasm. Besides worshiping Goddess Durga, playing dandiyas, fasting and making extraordinary Navratri delicacies. On it, numerous individuals likewise follow exceptional colours of Navratri stating 9 days and 9 tones that have distinctive essentialness.

Before we began, let’s recollect how men fashion is getting on to the trend this festive season. Talking about the trends, let us dive into why men are preferring cotton material over other fabrics.



Cotton is the most utilized natural characterized fiber- making up around 21% of all fiber utilized in attire creation yet additionally one of the most naturally requesting crops. The factors are

(1) Natural cotton creation requires altogether less water,

(2) Is far less dirtying,

(3) Watches out for people and animals’ government assistance,

(4) Assists ranchers with taking care of their families and

(5) Battles for environmental change.


As indicated by a report by the “World Economic Forum”, the water scarcity is one of the global threats to society. The material creation industry utilizes around 93 billion cubic meters of water a year, representing 4% of the worldwide freshwater withdrawal. Sourcing cotton from confirmed reasonable cultivating lands can have a significant effect on the fashion industry's water footprint.

Natural cotton ranchers take additional consideration to secure the climate, animals and individuals — moderate water, uphold biodiversity and sound soils, wipe out unsafe poisonous pesticides from water, soil and air.

According to recent statistics, cotton cultivation also upholds an expected 250 million jobs, representing nearly 7% of work in some low pay nations.



We are quite aware of the fact that cotton kurtas are taking the fashion world by storm, especially men's clothing styles. Contemplating how versatile the conventional cotton kurta for man is, the decisions are unfathomable. An ideal combination of style and comfort this outfit has been changed in various Indo-western diagrams by favorable to Indian originators. Some styles are ordinary, simple, and easy to carry so that you can wear it without a doubt. The fabric is so smooth, soft, and natural that it keeps the mind calm and body refreshing.

You can read more about the men’s cotton kurta trend from here



We are set to welcome Navratri and with no doubts men are concerned on the colours and kurtas to select this Navratri. The accompanying proposals will assist you with picking up-to-date cotton kurtas without staying with the hefty sherwanis or the customary Jodhpuris.

Men, do your absolute best with these outfit alternatives that are high on comfort and are similarly snappy!

Let’s begin with the colours of Navratri and the outfits to pair with.



The celebration starts with a brilliant and dynamic Orange. This tone means energy and satisfaction. Wearing a blunt orange organic cotton kurta will set a perfect start to the festive mood.



White is the shade for Day 2, which is an image of harmony and virtue. Hindus love Goddess Brahmacharini on this day. A white or off-white toned kurta paired with a classic jhutis and a monochromic pajama will help to make the outfit look put-together.



Individuals wear a red tone on the third day of Navratri. It means magnificence and dauntlessness. A bold and bright turkey red long kurta enhances your body and sends out the festive vibe.



This shade means fresh starts and development. The green colour is known to soothe one's eye and add a friendly tone to the look. You can pair it with a basic Nehru jacket to enhance the cut of the long kurta.



Yellow shade represents bliss and splendor. Hindus love Goddess Skandamata on Day 5. Bright yellow kurtas are the best when paired with a lighter shade bottom. You can pair it with white or off-white churidars. To experiment, one can also match it down with a trouser or chinos.



The shade of the seventh day is dim and black, a shade that represents the quality of changing. Pure black kurtas are every-trendy; pair it with Pathani or monochrome pants. Black Kurta is easier to style and looks effortlessly classy. It is go to with every pair of bottoms available in your wardrobe if you do not have mentioned colour schemes.



Beige is finest nude shade, trending in the fashion industry. Effortless styling with skin-like and matching colour makes a perfect style statement this festive season. A light or beige bottom can make the outfit stand out from all usual festive styling. You can also style it with selective darker versions but do not go for too bright ones.  



The shade of the day 8, Indigo, means the intensity of insight and harmony. A luscious Indigo kurta will suit every bit of styling. Wear it with chinos, Nehru coat or just a plain oversized jacket, you can never go wrong with a bold and bright Indigo Kurta. You can go with lighter shades bottoms or over coats to keep the combination simple yet elegant.



This day is called Navami and is the last day of the Navratri celebration. The shading rust will give a send-off vibe to the last day of the festival. A rust coloured kurta can be paired along with a black or a white bottoms. A dhoti is suggested to carry the festive vibes and send-off celebration to the Goddess. You can try to experiment with this one as it is in trend and a bit to and fro will just make a new style statement from your end complimenting the existing one.


Till now, you would have already imagined yourself in particular colours as well as would have mentally matched it with your existing pairs of over-coats and trousers.


What colours are on your bucket list this Navratri?


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Happy Navratri!