Ogaan, New Delhi.

One of India’s first multi-label stores, Ogaan, launched in 1989, in the heart of India’s capital, Delhi. It was the first of its kind - showcasing various fashion labels all under one roof. They aimed to encourage the craftsmanship that flourishes in India, presenting the traditional art of rural villages in their store. Today, Ogaan has been growing and blooming for more than 3 decades and has been home to an assorted Indian designer range.


Ogaan has opened its space to all sorts of designer wear - be it the modern bohemian style or the classical cultural style, and it sources from all over India to host a truly diverse collection of clothing. The name comes from a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to ‘wave.’ Depicting the changing scene of fashion, just like a tide, Ogaan intends to capture glimpses of the dynamic fashion scene and express it through their curated selections.


Their ethos resides in quality. Choosing garments that are made using a high-quality textile is important to Ogaan. Their director, Aashti Bhartia, is a student of Anthropology and History, making traditional Indian textiles even more special. She works on finding new designers that put the spotlight on the forgotten crafts of India, such as hand-weaving and hand-dyeing. She seeks to find artisans that incorporate the cultural features of Indian craft into their fashion conceptions.


Ogaan is known for promoting designers that think along the lines of slow-fashion. They have made a conscious effort to source hand-made and organic clothing, with fabrics like organic cotton and merino wool. Mindful and responsive to the repercussions of fast-fashion production on the environment, Ogaan has begun searching and stocking brands that are sustainable in nature. From organic dresses to hand-made jewelry with recycled materials, Ogaan is now home to numerous labels that are doing outstanding work in persevering and protecting the environment.


In 2016, Ogaan launched its second flagship store in Delhi, which is a massive space that boasts contemporary designers in all glory. With a dedicated entrance that is enveloped by the greenery of plants, the indoor is even more breathtaking. It has a high ceiling with a beautiful skylight that lets in natural light during the day, along with an alluring view of the long-established trees in the backyard. The theme of minimalism is adopted by natural stone and wax finishings, creating a reflection of nature within the store.


They also introduced a cafe at this flagship store, called The Coast Cafe. Playing along with its name that translates to ‘wave’ and now, The Coast Cafe, Ogaan has been incorporating elements of the sea into their ideology. This stems from the idea of being closer to nature, which is also depicted with loads of green plants dotted along the cafe space that looks onto a beautiful view through large arched windows. Their food is praised tremendously for the high-quality meals and spot-on combinations of flavor.


Visiting one of the many Ogaan stores across India is an experience altogether. A treasure for finding multiple brands that have eccentric, individual styles, all under one roof.


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