Jaipur Modern, Jaipur.

A store with the noun ‘Jaipur’ in it is bound to be cultural and artistic in its entirety. Taking the rich heritage of Jaipur’s arts and crafts and blending it with the concept of modernity, Jaipur Modern is an experimental brew of the two worlds. It pays homage to the ‘karigars’ of artisans of Jaipur. Pairing their traditional talent with a modern twist creates a new dimension of innovation and design taking over India now

The city of Jaipur is known for its excellence in arts and crafts. The artisans have immense talent passed down through generations, skills like hand-weaving, hand-embroidering, and hand-looming. A way of life for them, their art is also an expression of the culture of Jaipur. The store serves to celebrate their heritage and give Jaipur artisans a lively and secure occupation. The Karigars work effortlessly, with these tricky skills up their sleeves. 

The boutique includes a range of items, from clothing and fashion accesories to home accents and stationary as well. They have a wide selection of clothing for both women and men, offering sarees, dresses, tops, kaftans, boxers, shirts, and track pants. Their homeware includes beddings, cushions, quilts, and more. The cushions are one of their best sellers, with traditional prints of indigo and window jewel that are paired with modern designs. Jaipur Modern also specializes in Shawls, selling premium materials like cotton, silk, cashmere, wool, and linen of high quality. 

One of their top designers, Indigo of India, is a label that honors the beauty of Indigo printing. A style that everyone across India has loved, Indigo is one of India’s richest colors. It is derived from a tropical Indigo plant. After hours of fermenting with fruit sugars, the dye produces a vivid blue-green color that is now a staple print in India. Jaipur Modern has a special spot for Indigo, housing various items from Indigo dresses, quilts, beddings, and pillow covers to indeed feature Indigo in all its beauty. 

Situated in a glorious Jaipur bungalow that dates back to the 1940s, their location is a metaphor for their philosophy. The old bungalow represents the long-established art of the karigans, which operates under the aesthetics of the contemporary design. They also share a passion for improvements to their production methods to make them more eco-friendly. They strongly believe in making locally, which is beautifully echoed in their interior design. The store’s walls are adorned with hand-embroidered art that celebrates that skill among the artisans. The flooring is marble inlay which is famously practiced all over Rajasthan. 

The store also houses a quaint cafe with a similar philosophy. The kitchen uses locally grown ingredients and fashions them in a global flavored menu. Akin to their clothing, their kitchen also shares a deep passion for sustainable cooking. Jaipur Modern has partnered up with sustainable farms across India to source their local ingredients that are also organic. Supporting farmers of India, the cafe has also won the hearts of its customers. It puts on a wide range of delicacies, from international dishes like pizza and quinoa to home-grown flavors of parathas and mint-coolers. What’s unique about the cafe is a dedicated menu to an all-organic set of dishes. It includes food that is made entirely using organic ingredients, highlighting the mentality of healthy and clean eating. 

Jaipur Modern is a store that doesn’t just showcase the grace of Rajasthan’s art but also takes one on a journey that tells the story of an item, from conception to production. Find out more about Jaipur Modern here